Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic

At the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic, we specialize in the most technologically advanced minimally invasive tumescent liposuction and offered in the world today. Our dedicated focus and continuous work with Liposuction have allowed us to become “superspecialists” in body sculpting and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

A number of different Liposuction techniques offered these days, this can get quite confusing. At our Schaumburg – Chicago office, we pride ourselves on offering multiple types of technologies under one roof. The advantage of this is that it allows us to use the technology that is right for you rather than resorting to a one size fits all approach. It also allows us to mix Liposuction and body contouring technologies to optimize the desired results. Body sculpting with liposuction can enhance aspects of your body in a way that is natural and complementary to your own physique.

Liposuction Patient - 30 year female - Before and After
A 30-year-old female with Liposuction performed on her upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and flanks

Dr. Mir Joffrey – President & Liposuction Chicago expert

Our president learned from the pioneers of the tumescent technique and, has since, continued to advance liposuction technology himself. Dr. Joffrey is an expert in not only the micro-cannula technique introduced by Dr. Klein, but also is recognized as a leader in laser liposuction. He instructs physicians from around the country in laser liposuction techniques for the Sciton Aesthetic Laser Company. In his search for even more advanced technologies, Dr. Joffrey recently trademarked the WaterLipo® procedure which many physicians around the world are now calling the most important advance in liposuction technology in thirty years. — Dr. Joffrey

Who is a good liposuction candidate?

In general, good candidates for liposuction include adults who:

  • Are not overweight (within 30% of their ideal weight).
  • Have localized (diet and exercise resistant) fat deposits in their abdomen, back, legs, arms, chin or neck.
  • Also have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone
  • Do not smoke
  • Positive and realistic expectations of end results

Which body areas can be treated at Chicago Liposuction

Almost everyone has those stubborn areas of fat that do not go away, even with diet and exercise. Because of this, the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic has adopted new technological advances to ensure the removal of that stubborn fat. Not only will we reduce the excess unwanted fat, but we will also tighten and contour the skin as well. In order to ensure that our patients achieve a slimmer, more toned and contoured body, we use a combination of the latest and most advanced liposuction techniques.

Almost all areas of the body can be treated with our liposculpture techniques. Some of the most common problem areas we help to improve: are the abdomen, love handles, chest, back, and thighs, arms, and the face. Depending on your body type and on your goals, our doctors have the knowledge and experience to determine the most suitable type of liposuction for you.

Back Liposuction

Lipo areas - back
Liposuction performed on the upper back region

Many men and women are faced with the problem of excessive fat cell in the back. We have highly skilled professional surgeons that are specialists in reducing fat, in the following back areas:

  • Back Flanks, those are the areas located on the lower back around the waistline, also called Love Handles
  • Upper Back, this includes the shoulder blades near the armpits
  • Lumbo Sacrois is the fat pad located in the lower part of the back, just above the tailbone
  • The Bra Strap area or Bra Pads are the areas between the waist and shoulder blades, which are the body regions that tend to bulge when wearing a bra

Thigh Liposuction

Fat deposits in the thighs are difficult to change with diet and exercise. One option to remove this stubborn fat and tighten the skin is through lipo, a combination of advanced liposuction techniques. The areas of the thighs we treat are:

  • Outer Thighs, also known as saddlebags
  • Inner Thighs
  • Knees
  • Anterior Thighs, which is front of the thighs
  • Hips

The lipo for an entire thigh is done in steps to reduce the patient’s recovery time. We have the right technology and the right experts to get rid of thigh stubborn fats.

Abdominal Liposuction

This is a very common area that affects both men and women. Many of our patients have strong abdomen muscles and even six-pack muscles hidden underneath the stubborn layers of abdominal fat. Sometimes after pregnancy, women find it difficult to remove the excess stomach fat. We can apply our abdominal liposuction procedures to considerably reduce the fat in this area, restoring a slimmer, toner, and firmer abdomen.

Abdominal Liposuction Chicago Patient - 35 year old Female - Before and After
A 35-year-old male with Liposuction performed on his upper abdomen & lower abdomen

Arm Liposuction

Often times our patients are able to tone their upper arms (biceps), but really struggle with the lower arms (triceps). At the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic, we have the tools and techniques to reduce arm fat through our customized liposuction procedures. Liposuction additionally aids tighten the skin, and contour the arms, resulting in overall more firm and slender look.

Which are the most popular Liposuction Techniques?

We offer the following types of liposuction to enhance our patients’ body image, size and shape.

Laser Liposuction

This involves using laser technology to dissolve the fats in different areas of the body. The advantage with this procedure is that it also tightens the skin after liposuction and thus does not leave patients with sagging skin. It simply involves numbing the area with a local anesthetic and then directing the laser beam to the fatty areas to melt the fats. It causes less bleeding and swelling and also stimulates the production of collagen which tightens the skin. It can be used for several areas with excess fat, such as hips, male chest (to correct gynecomastia), back of the neck, thighs, waist etc.

Water Liposuction (Waterlipo™)

At the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic, we do water liposuction aka Waterlipo™,  since it is safer and faster for our patients. A water jet at high pressure is used to loosen the fats before removing them via suction. The benefits of this procedure may include dynamic results*, enhanced image, confidence and short recovery period.

Power Assisted Liposuction

This is a technique that uses power supplied by an electric motor or compressed air to provide a spinning rotation of the attached liposuction cannula. We have highly qualified surgeons that perform this type of cosmetic surgery very efficiently.

Can multiple lipo techniques be combined?

One of the advantages of our office is that we offer multiple liposuction technologies to our patients. Some physicians only offer Smart Lipo™ or some other kind of innovative liposuction, while others will only offer the micro-cannula technique. We offer more than one technique because we know that everyone and every body part is different. If you take a one size fits all approach to liposuction, you will not optimize a patients results.

Most offices do not have the technological capability to do that the way we do. We also have technologies to augment your result after your procedure *, such as the Skin Tyte™ procedure that was recently featured on “The Doctors” show.

Male liposuction - gynecomastia correction
48-year-old male – gynecomastia correction with breast liposuction

Because we have the ability to do so many different kinds of procedures, we can give you an honest assessment of what we believe will get you the best possible outcome, and we will inform you on the liposuction cost. Our aim is always to provide the safest, most effective lipo procedure with the least amount of downtime. That is our mission. It is a mission that we take very seriously.

Because of our unique approach to Water liposuction and fat grafting, we have patients coming to see us from around the country. We invite you to educate yourself by browsing through our website and, even better, to make an appointment to meet our president, Dr. Joffrey. We look forward to helping you take the first step to a more confident you!

Our aim is to minimize the recovery process for our patients.

What makes Water Liposuction different than other procedures?

WaterLipo® uses the water injection technique to remove fats from the target area smoothly with ease as compared to traditional methods of liposuction that are associated with crushing and sucking of fats.

There are many advantages to Waterlipo™ using the tumescent technique.

  1. Patients do not require general anesthesia, this minimizes risks and avoids side effects like nausea and a long recovery time
  2. Waterlipo™ relies on a stream of water to wash out fat uniformly instead of scraping with a cannula, results are more precise and smooth.
  3. The procedure is so gentle, less tumescent fluid is needed during the procedure, helping the physician to view results in real time*.

WaterLipo and Fat Transfer

People often ask us if they can use their own fat to inject into their face. With our new Waterlipo™ technology, the answer is definitely YES! Because Waterlipo™ washes fat out instead of crushing, melting or destroying it, the fat is in good enough shape to transfer back into the face or body immediately.

Many of our patients choose to have this fat placed in the folds around the mouth or in their cheeks to gain a more youthful appearance. This is an excellent alternative to traditional fillers such as Juvederm® and Radiesse®. Because the fat is living, it is a more lasting solution. Some of our patients elect to undergo a Waterlipo™ procedure in a small area just so that they can transfer the fat into their face. It is an excellent option for people to get fillers on a regular basis *.

WaterLipo and Buttocks augmentation

Dr. Joffrey uses an innovative Brazilian butt lift ‘BBL’ procedure that combines abdominal liposuction and tumescent lipo in fatty areas to harvest fat from the patient with a fat transfer (grafting) to the butt area. The patient’s own fat is used to add curves and reshape the buttocks, to provide an uplifted, yet natural appearance.

At the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic, we use a safe and advanced autologous fat transfer process. The fat we extract from other areas of your body around the buttocks is specially treated before we inject it into the buttocks, and we use tiny injections to ensure that the transplanted fat is evenly distributed and smooth. Extracting fat directly adjacent to the buttocks not only provides the fat we need for your buttock enhancement, but it also helps to shape and contour the areas around the butt for a curvier and more dramatic result *.

Liposuction Before and After
A 27-year-old female with Liposuction performed on her upper abdomen & Fat reinjection in buttocks

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the rest our site or simply make a complimentary appointment with our doctor to learn how we can help you to get past your hang-ups and body issues and start living your life with a renewed sense of confidence.*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models (disclaimer).