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Some active women often complain about having heavy breasts with resulting back pain. If you are considered breast reduction, you should first see if you are a good candidate for breast reduction liposuction. It is the most comfortable and most affordable procedure done under two hours using a local anesthetic in an outpatient procedure.

Many women look for a solution through plastic surgery, but a safer way is through cosmetic surgery liposuction. Cosmetic procedures have repeatedly proven to be incredibly useful in body sculpting, removing a significant amount of fat from undesirable areas. It can quickly fix asymmetry problems. Large breasts can now be reduced by a size or two. Breast tissue is mostly fat, so the surgical procedure is both fast and painless.

A breast fat transfer can also move some of the fat extracted and move it up the breast to give it a younger lifted look for added benefit.

Breast reduction techniques are now significantly evolved, but none compare to the ease of liposuction for both comfort and safety.

Scarless Breast Reduction

Who are good candidates?

For the best results, you have to meet the minimum requirements for surgical breast reduction. The doctor makes this assessment when you come for the complimentary consultation.

The ideal candidate:

  • Has an excess amount of fat  and/or unbalanced breast volume (asymmetry)
  • Must not be pregnant
  • Must not be a nursing mother
  • Have good elasticity to help resorb excess skin after surgery
  • Is ideally an older woman who has fully-developed breasts with excess fat
  • May want to consider a fat transfer breast lift
  • Have realistic expectations from the liposuction procedure

It is important to note that the procedure is a viable option for younger women whose breast size causes significant pain and discomfort. For younger individuals, breasts must have reached maturity.

Initial Consultation for lipo Breast Reduction

In your initial discussion with the doctor, you get the opportunity to learn more about liposuction as a method of breast reduction.  You can discuss the size of the breasts you want. Patients often ask about mammoplasty (surgical reduction) and mastopexy (breast lift surgery). In some cases, breast augmentation can also be discussed if there is a problem of asymmetry.

Following a recent pregnancy, mommy makeovers are often discussed at the initial consultation. FUPA liposuction, Tummy tuck, Lipo 360, and BBLs are questions of interest.

During the consultation, you get crucial information about the risks involved in undergoing the procedure and any possible complications. Traditional breast reduction surgery required hospitalization, a surgical team, including an anesthesiologist. Today all is done in a certified clinic to put your mind at ease.

These surgical techniques are not for slender women with oversized breasts or cases of extensive sagging.

The doctor may require mammograms to advise you on the surgical procedure that is right for you.

What Your Chicago Breast Reduction Procedure Entails

Each case is unique in its way. We provide tailor-made solutions for everyone, as each person has a different body type owing to genetic factors. The initial evaluation helps the doctor determine the best approach to produce your desired size and look.

Breast reduction surgery involves the use of liposuction to reduce the size of your breasts.

Liposuction is a minimally-invasive technique. This approach works perfectly, particularly for women with more fatty than glandular tissue. Liposuction also produces excellent results for men with gynecomastia.

Liposuction begins with the administration of local anesthesia in the area under treatment. This initial step causes numbness in the region, with the patient remaining comfortable and fully aware using mild oral sedation.

Tiny incisions facilitate the use of a micro-cannula to access the fat under the surface. A laser (SmartLipo) liquefies the fat for easy suctioning. The small fat lobules under the surface are suctioned to bring about shapely and perkier breasts.

Recovery Time

Liposuction is minimally-invasive, making the recovery period short.

Recovering from breast reduction lipo takes a short period, enabling you to return to your normal activities in a couple of days. However, this duration varies between individuals due to genetic variations.

We provide a compression garment after surgery. The protective brace keeps the bosom in place as it heals to bring out that size and shape you desire. As your body heals, carefully observe the doctor’s instructions to avoid complications at this stage. Of crucial importance is the compression garment, and this must remain on for the prescribed period. Remember to get enough rest during the recovery period, avoiding heavy tasks for at least two weeks or for as long as the doctor instructs.

All patients should observe the following guidelines for recovery after a liposuction procedure:

  • Eat a healthy diet. Eating a healthy, well-rounded diet is one of the most important ways to heal your body, produce new collagen, and prevent fat from returning near the operation. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in either a raw or steamed form to allow your body to digest the food quickly and absorb vital nutrients. Avoid fast food and other processed foods.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water hydrates the skin and will help tighten up skin tissues after liposuction. Adequate hydration will help with the expulsion of dead cells into your urine
  • Get enough rest. Patients who have abdomen/tummy liposuction surgery will be able to return to a light exercise workout within 4-6 days after the procedure with the doctor’s permission. It is important to avoid strenuous activity to allow new blood vessels to form.
  • Wear the compression garment. These are required for all patients to reduce swelling and support the body during the healing process. Compression garments must be worn at all times (except while showering) for 4-12 weeks after surgery.
  • Follow the medication instructions. Your doctor may prescribe medication for patients after abdomen/tummy liposuction. It is imperative that patients carefully follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Change absorption pads and take care of incision sites Leaks from incision sites are possible after buttocks liposuction. The use of high-quality absorption pads can reduce discomfort caused by drainage. Gently clean the incision sites 1-2 times daily with soap and water. Apply iodine. It will minimize the chances of infection and help the incisions heal more quickly.
  • Avoid applying ice packs or heating pads to the liposuction-treated areas. Band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, and soaking in any kind of water (including baths) should also be avoided during the healing process.
  • Resume normal activities when you feel comfortable.

The Benefits of tumescent breast liposuction

These are the main benefits of Scarless breast reduction:

  1. The weight of oversize breasts often causes back pain. The breasts themselves feel the strain and eventually start to sag. Liposuction breast reduction removes that extra shoulder pain.
  2. Done under tumescent liposuction, the minimally invasive procedure leaves no visible scars, just a few freckles at the cannula’s entry points. There is no need for sutures.
  3. Advances in lipo surgery procedures avoid the need for general anesthesia and expensive hospitalization.
  4. There will be no change in the sensitivity to the areola.
  5. Recovery time is very short.

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