Calf Surgery to Achieve Perfect Legs

Posted on: November 24, 2022

Among the variety of surgical procedures that exist in the world of aesthetics, calf surgery is the solution for patients who have very thin legs and who cannot increase the thickness of their calves with exercises. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon to operate on you and improve the appearance of your legs, you can come to my office to get an assessment and thus determine if your body is in optimal conditions for this type of intervention. As a certified specialist, I will focus on taking care of your health so that you have a positive preoperative and postoperative period and achieve the results that we planned in the first consultation.

What is Calf Surgery?

Also known as calf augmentation, it is an aesthetic intervention that I perform in order to give you volume in the calf area or a curvature that resembles the results obtained by people who train regularly in a gym.

For calf surgery, my medical team and I typically use general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. The silicone implants that I use are semi-solid, fusiform and moldable, that is, they adapt to the shape of the muscle so that the leg looks natural. The incision of approximately 4 centimeters is made in the posterior crease of the knee so that the scar is concealed in that line. Next, I insert the implant between the muscle and the skin until it fits into the correct space. Finally, I carefully suture so that the scar is fine and hidden in the crease of the leg, and I apply a bandage to keep the area covered. The duration of the procedure is one hour, it is only extended in cases of calf reconstruction.

Who May Be Candidates for Calf Surgery?

All people can increase the area of ​​their calves if they wish; however, I, as a board certified plastic surgeon, will determine if your health condition is adequate to proceed with surgery. Likewise, those who have had an accident and were affected in the calf area are also candidates for this intervention. This procedure will improve the appearance of the back of the legs so that patients feel better about their body.


In the first consultation you must tell me very sincerely what your eating habits are, if you suffer from any illness, what medical treatment you follow or if you smoke. The more detailed information you provide me, the safer the surgery will be because I will create a surgical plan based on what you have informed me. Before the operation, I will give you some instructions that you must fully comply with so that your body is in optimal conditions, the most common are:

  • Avoid taking aspirin.
  • Quit smoking three weeks before, in case you do.
  • Have a light meal the day before.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours so that your body is relaxed on the day of the intervention.

In case you follow a specific treatment that you cannot stop, then I will give you special instructions. The day of your calf surgery, you must be fasting. If the operation is in the afternoon, I will notify you if you can have a light snack or not.

At the end of the operation, you will go to the observation area where my medical team will be monitoring your first hours of recovery. When I make sure you’re ready to go home, then I’ll release you because calf surgery is an outpatient procedure.


After calf surgery, you will also need to adhere to my recommendations for a positive recovery:

  • You should lie on your back with your legs slightly raised on pillows. Every once in a while, rest your legs and raise them back up.
    Avoid excessive walking the first 48 hours; only what is necessary and slowly (go to the bathroom).
    Keep the bandage until it is removed in the first control days after your surgery. Then you will start cleaning the wound under my instructions.

  • Avoid lifting weight or making any type of effort for two weeks, as it is counterproductive.

  • If you exercise daily, you should suspend the routine for a month.

  • You must also cancel sports practices for the same period.

  • When the stitches are removed, you will be able to return to your daily activities. The only thing you should avoid is exertion and physical training.

  • I will remove the stitches fifteen days later and you will be able to see the results after two months, when your legs have adapted to the implant. In case you feel any discomfort, with the medications that I will prescribe you will be able to feel relief in a short time.

  • For patients with underdeveloped calves, surgery can balance them according to the proportions of the rest of the body.

  • In women: more confidence to wear short clothes that show their calves.

  • In men: defined legs that will allow you to be more confident with your body.

  • As the implants vary in their design and volume, each patient will have the appropriate size so that the calves look natural.

  • The implants are permanent, that is, there is no need to change them; this is an advantage because the patient forgets about a future operation.