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Augmentation of the gluteus, or a Brazilian Butt Lift, make use of a fat transfer or grafting to achieve the desired result. This procedure has significantly grown in popularity over the years, producing some impressive results. This innovative process grants you a fantastic, enhanced look, presenting a shapely posterior. Butt lifts are prevalent in both genders, as they bring about some shape and proportionality in your midsection while enhancing your backside to a contoured, shapely form. BBL procedures are the perfect choice for individuals who seek to remedy flat or sagging posteriors. This process restores your youthful appearance and significantly increases your self-confidence.

The BBL is particularly suitable for women who desire bigger hips or a shapely, rounded derriere.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat transfer, the main task in this surgery, makes use of your fat to achieve that contoured, sexy look. The tissue comes from areas where you desire less fat such as the back, thighs, abdomen, love handles, waist, or arms. You, therefore, get a fuller shape, but also enjoy a sculpted look in the areas where the raw material for the transfer originates. The initial liposuction brings a firmer profile to the areas providing the fat. The migration of body tissue produces more natural results compared to implants, another popular cosmetic enhancement.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

For the best results, you must meet some specific minimum requirements. These are some of the set standards for the ideal candidate:

  1. You must be in good general health. Healthy individuals remain more suited to withstand the surgery as well as the post-op recovery phase with minimal fuss. A healthy body is typically one that doesn’t have chronic health conditions or cardiovascular issues. People with diabetes should consult the doctor for assessment to determine the suitability of the operation.
  2. You must be a non-smoker who isn’t fond of alcohol. Smoking restricts blood circulation, which could in turn result in the death of the newly transferred fat cells. Alcohol has a similar effect, reducing the amount of blood supply necessary for the survival of newly transplanted cells. For individuals who lead such a lifestyle, you are advised to quit in the period before and after your procedure.
  3. Only an estimated 25 percent of the harvested cells qualify for reintroduction to your gluteus. The surgeon must, therefore, ensure that you have enough fat in the designated donor sites. The harvesting process involves extraction from at least two locations. There have to be enough healthy cells to produce the desired result. If you don’t have enough fat, your physician may recommend a weight gain just before your surgery.
  4. Cosmetic procedures done by our Chicago doctors produce some fantastic results, with a visible increment in volume and a better shape. However, we insist that patients harbor realistic expectations regarding their final appearance. Excessive augmentation ruins the proportion in some body types, which may be undesirable. An initial consultation gives us the chance to explain the possible outcomes so that patients understand and fully appreciate the result.

You are an ideal candidate if you check all the right boxes.

The Ideal Female Candidate Profile   

Butt lifts have proven popular to two categories of patients:

  • Younger women who desire more curvaceous bodies.
  • Older women who want to remedy sagging areas and bring back a firmer, youthful look.

BBL procedures are therefore a suitable treatment for these types of posteriors:

  • Flat
  • Asymmetrical
  • Sagging
  • Irregularly shaped, especially after considerable weight loss
  • Disproportionately small

A successful process ensures a better fit of your clothes around the area. A combination of BBL and WaterLipo can produce some stunning transformation in your midsection and gluteus.

Pre-Op Preparation

The entire BBL procedure typically lasts three hours on average, depending on the number of areas under treatment. Another factor affecting this timeline is the involvement of an additional process such as liposuction or breast augmentation.

This preparatory phase involves discussions with the surgeon to determine the best approach for you. You have a chance to air your ideas and preference, getting a professional perspective to your needs in the process.  

In the days before your procedure:

  • Avoid Aspirins for at least a week, along with anti-inflammatory drugs and NSAIDs as well.
  • Keep smoking and alcohol
  • Get your prescriptions filled beforehand for convenience after surgery
  • Prepare the baggy, comfortable outfits you will wear after the procedure
  • Put in place a healthy meal plan that will aid faster recovery
  • Observe any specific, unique recommendations by your doctor before your operation

You should carefully observe these directives.

What Brazilian Butt Lift Entails

BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift

There are three phases to the process, with each playing a vital role in the result. These are the phases of a typical Brazilian Butt Lift operation:


This stage primarily involves the harvesting of fat cells from donor sites. The doctor may employ some approaches:

  1. Conventional Liposuction – the use of a syringe equipped with a vacuum suction
  2. Power-Assisted Liposuction – using a specialized cannula and mechanized movement
  3. Hand-Held Syringe Liposuction – manual suctioning using a typical needle
  4. External Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction – the use of ultrasonic energy applied through the skin
  5. Internal Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction – the transmission of ultrasound energy via a cannula inserted under the skin

In total, the doctor may extract up to five liters of fat during liposuction. This step sculpts the treated area before the fat cells are reintroduced into your gluteus to complete the BBL procedure. Each cheek receives between 500 and 1000cc of fat.

Fat Purification

The harvested fat cells undergo filtration, washing, or, depending on the doctor’s preference, centrifugation. This process removes dead or unhealthy cells and extra fluids, producing a healthy sample fit for reuse. Healthy cells are ideal for fat grafting as they have a higher chance of survival and maintain the acquired shape for longer.

This phase plays a vital role and improves the quality of material injected back into the area under treatment with long-lasting effects.

Re-injecting Fat

This crucial stage sees the injection of the purified fat cells into each cheek. Tiny incisions on carefully mapped spots on the skin guide the physician on where to make the injections. There are some injections in various areas of the gluteus before the realization of the desired shape and size.

It is at this point that the doctor’s experience and skills manifest. The ability to bring out the desired shape and size is a testament to the physician’s ability to fulfill the patient’s desires and expectations.   


There are some crucial pointers for a flawless recovery:

  • Ensure that you rest on soft and comfortable surfaces for minimal discomfort to your posterior
  • Keep the provided compression garment on for the period recommended by your doctor
  • There may be soreness between three and seven days after the procedure, readily treated by prescription medication
  • Take your medication at recommended times in prescribed doses
  • Significant recovery manifests after a couple of weeks
  • Maintain a healthy diet and take enough fluids during the recovery phase
  • Consult the doctor about recommended levels of activity at each stage of the healing process
  • For more details on the recovery process after a fat transfer augmentation check this guide

The recovery procedure is just as vital as the actual surgery, so endeavor to stick to your doctor’s recommendations during this period.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a straightforward procedure that quickly produces incredible results, significantly enhancing your looks for that toned midsection and a shapely, round, derriere. These are the main benefits of the process:

  1. Fat transfers are entirely outpatient, allowing you to go home and recover with minimal risk. The use of your fat ensures that complications such as allergic reactions cease to be a concern.
  2. Instead of general anesthesia, the doctor uses IV sedation, with is significantly safer.
  3. The surgery is flexible and may go with liposuction or breast augmentation. This possibility enables sculpting on multiple locations in one sitting.
  4. Fat transfers produce immediate and natural-looking results which continually improve in the weeks following the operation.
  5. The use of tiny incisions ensures that there is no significant scarring after recovery
  6. Fat transfers produce lasting results, with patients typically retaining eighty percent of transplanted fat cells.
  7. The recovery period is incredibly short. Patients typically resume light duties in a couple of days and more physically exerting activity in two weeks.  

The chief benefit of any successful cosmetic procedure is the increased level of self-confidence and self-appreciation. You are in a position to face life with renewed energy and drive, spotting a stunning silhouette figure.


All procedures are unique, with prices varying due to different body types, varying customer preferences, and the number of parts treated in the session. During the consultation, our doctors give accurate and straightforward quotes. We believe in transparency, and there is no fine print in the provided costs.

We partner with some of the leading financial institutions to offer flexible financing for services rendered. We understand the challenge of financing a procedure, and take steps to ensure that you get an easy payment plan with affordable monthly payments.

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