Biopolymers are a risk to your health. Find out why!

Posted on: November 28, 2022

Each time, the number of patients who come to my office to improve some aspect of their body through a non-surgical procedure is growing; the reasons may be because they fear going into the operating room or want a minimal change. However, there is a lot of ignorance about what are the most appropriate procedures to achieve this goal, which leads people to make mistakes with their treatment and end up choosing methods that are dangerous to their health or that deform their physique for life.

The first thing I teach my patients is that to undergo this type of non-surgical treatment they must consult a certified plastic surgeon; in this way, they will receive the appropriate medical advice. The fact of going to the wrong people to receive the injection of foreign substances in the face, breasts or buttocks causes irreversible damage to the body and subsequent consequences that compromise the patient’s health. Sometimes these individuals do not even have an academic background related to medicine or cosmetic procedures.

The Danger of Biopolymers

One of the riskiest methods to improve the appearance of an area of ​​the body is the injection of biopolymers; Too often, patients are unaware of the danger this injection poses to their body. Biopolymers are substances composed of liquid silicone, sometimes mixed with other chemical elements that are harmful to humans.

To make this procedure more dangerous, there are unscrupulous people who offer this treatment at a very low cost and applied at the home of the interested party, which represents a great risk for different reasons; sanitary standards are not met, the substance is contraindicated, and the method causes irreparable consequences.

In addition, they deceive those who are excited about obtaining an immediate change, telling them that it is hyaluronic acid and without informing them that they are actually going to inject biopolymers. This substance is not compatible with the tissues where they are applied.

Over time, the injection of biopolymers produces changes in the texture and color of the skin, making the affected area look dark and irregular. In the most severe cases, the injected substance spontaneously passes through the skin, causes tissue infection, or travels to other parts of the body. This causes an emergency hospitalization for the patient, in order to avoid major health complications.

An important consideration that people should take into account before injecting biopolymers is that this type of material cannot be completely removed, so once complications arise, treatment is quite complex and normal appearance is never restored. of the affected area.

The most serious thing is that the injured patients, when they wish to claim the damages caused to their body, do not find those responsible or there is no one to answer them, and it is then the In any other place who authorizes the adequate treatment before the Complications presented by the injection of biopolymers. The disappearance of the establishments and of the individuals responsible for the execution of this dangerous method is a present complaint in my patients when they attend my consultation.

My greatest recommendation as a plastic surgeon. is that you go to the office of a certified specialist, with a proven track record, and with the necessary knowledge and experience to offer the safest and most effective method to your patient. In no case should you trust treatments carried out by people without the appropriate academic training or who are not authorized to carry them out.

Procedures Indicated for the Buttocks and Face

Contrary to the procedure applied by other people with biopolymers, lipoinjection and the application of hyaluronic acid are two aesthetic procedures that I offer in my office to improve areas of the body that bother my patients. The two named methods do not represent risks for patients and leave pleasant results that make them feel better about their body.


This surgical procedure, with the same fat as the patient, is ideal for people who do not want to place implants in a certain area of ​​the body, but who do want to improve it and give it a more voluminous contour. Suitable areas for fat lipoinjection are the face and buttocks.

On the face, lipoinjection helps to fill in the forehead, nasolabial folds, cheekbones, jawline, chin and lips. This minimally invasive technique conceals expression lines, so that the patient has a fresher face and smoother skin as a result. In addition, people over the age of 50 can see a great improvement in the appearance of the skin’s surface.

In the buttocks, the procedure helps to give a better shape and projection to the buttocks without the need to place implants. Lipoinjection applications do not put the patient’s health at risk or cause sequelae, a situation that is caused by the injection of biopolymers in any part of the body.

Hyaluronic acid

As I already told you, some individuals who claim to be specialists in the area of ​​plastic and aesthetic surgery apply biopolymers, making the patient believe that it is hyaluronic acid when it is totally false.

The results obtained with the correct injection of this substance, approved for aesthetic procedures, is smoother, softer, hydrated skin with the necessary volume to hide wrinkles and furrows. In addition, hyaluronic acid reduces skin blemishes and prevents the appearance of new ones.