Chicago Liposuction Jeanne Talks About Her Experiences

Chicago Liposuction interview Transcription:

Hi. I’m Jeanne Shockey. I am the director here at Lift Body Center. I have worked in the industry for over 13 years and love what I do. This is my passion. Helping people is what I put my heart and soul into and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

The most common issue I see patients coming into Lift Body Center for is unwanted body fat. When patients make it into Lift Body Center there’s always something that’s triggered them to finally walk through the door. Sometimes we’ve thought about this for many years, but sometimes there’s a special event or maybe we’re trying to put a bathing suit on or a wedding or a reunion. But something happens where they look at themselves and they say, “Just can’t go another day looking at myself in the mirror, knowing that there’s something that can be done to make me feel more confident.”

We see a lot of sadness and sometimes they’re even depressed about the way they look in clothes. The first thing they see when they wake up in the morning is themselves in the mirror. Sometimes patients will tell us that they don’t even turn the light on in the bathroom and they start to feel insecure and it’s very challenging to get past that unless you do something about it.

Patients come into the office often are very nervous, and it is our job to express to them that they can trust us. We have very educated and talented surgeons that know what they’re doing. They’ve done hundreds if not thousands of these procedures, and they can trust us to help them get the results that they desire.

My favorite part is patients coming back for their follow-up care. We hear so many stories from women to men coming back, finally being able to fit into a smaller size or just looking well proportioned in an outfit that they dreamed to get in. Men can go out without a shirt on in the beach. Women can put on that bathing suit that they never would have dreamed they could put on.

It’s so wonderful to be able to watch that transformation from someone coming in from the beginning in tears and not feeling comfortable in their own skin to finally seeing that confidence. Lift Body Center has the talented surgeons that were able to help transform the patients and give them that confidence so they can get out there and tackle the world like we all have to.

Chicago liposuction consultant talks about liposuction technology and Lift

Chicago Liposuction Consultant Interview Transcription:

Hi my name is Monica. I’m a surgical consultant here at Lift Body Center. I have been a consultant in the cosmetic field for about eight years now in the Chicagoland area. One of the reasons why I chose to work here at Lift Body Center is because I love the fact that everything we do here is very customized to each individual, there’s no one size fits all. Because of that, because of the technologies that we have and because of the skill of our doctors, the results are above and beyond any other place that I’ve ever worked at, anyone’s work that I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes I meet with patients and they’re a little nervous about the procedure, they’re a little hesitant. I also see people who have a lost a lot of weight, they’ve done all the hard work, they’ve worked really hard and they’ve gotten themselves to a good weight but they do have those areas that are just stubborn, that they can’t get rid of or in some drastic cases they have a lot of loose skin that they need to get rid of. So they like to treat themselves after all this hard work and feel comfortable in their own body.

I just met with a woman who she’d gone through a pretty bad divorce and it had been a couple of years and she’s starting to get out, she wants to go out there in the dating world and she wants to look her best and feel her best. So she’s treating herself to some of our procedures here. Sometimes after, you know, having children women have, they’ve given their bodies, their bodies change drastically after having babies now it’s time to do something for themselves, a Mommy makeover.

I personally had it done myself so I can talk from first hand experience that it’s probably a lot easier than what most people are imagining. The technology has come a long way since, you know, traditional liposuction first started, which means a much, much easier recovery and better results. I waited until I was working here to have my liposuction done just because what we have here doesn’t exist anywhere else that I’ve ever seen and I wanted the best of the best.

Back Liposuction

Back liposuction really encompasses hip liposuction and bra strap area liposuction (female flanks) in women.

Dictation for video on back liposuction:

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Joffrey from Lift Body Center, Today, I wanted to do this quick video about a problem that a lot of women have, and that is the way they look from behind. What I mean by this is that the back actually has multiple components. When we talk about the way somebody looks from the back view, we generally are talking about three main things, and that is the lateral thighs, which I’ve done a little video on before and I’m not going to talk about in this particular video, but also the hips, including the love-handle area, and the flanks, which are up higher in that bra-strap area.

When you look at somebody from behind, the actual buttocks is usually not the problem. A lot of people think that, but most of the time, it really isn’t. So let’s take a look at this person here. When we talk about the hips, usually I’m talking about from this little crease here, which is the ribs, to about this point, so we want to try to get a little bit more curvature there. And then you can see this flank area. Female flanks are up here, so the bra-strap area, otherwise known as the female flanks. This area here is a very, very tough area to deal with because it’s usually not a whole lot of fat. There’s a lot of skin issues there, too. Anyway, the female flank area is right here, bra-strap area all the way up, and this is the hip area, just for reference in the rest of this talk.

As I mentioned, the hips are actually … As I mentioned in a previous talk, the hips are a fairly simple thing to do if you know what you’re doing, and microcannulas, I think, work great for this. Microcannulas basically allow you to sculpt out really, really great curves, and it’s actually one of my favorite things to do. As I mentioned a few seconds ago, the female flank area is actually really challenging. I’ve tried all sorts of things here, and I’ve found that laser-assisted liposuction really provides the best results. The reason for that is, again, that that area is frequently not just a fat problem. It’s a skin and fat problem, and the laser is really helpful to address the problems with the skin. So here’s that lady again before the procedure, and you can see the hip here in this after. In the after photo, after liposuction, the hip has got a little bit more of a heart shape than a square. And then here, up here, you see this is … you’ve got less rippling and just a little bit more tight skin, as well as fat.

Here’s another example of somebody who’s got a major issue with both the hips and the flanks. Now, a lot of people have this problem, and they don’t know what to do with it. Again, when you talk about the hips, you’re basically talking about from the crease up at the ribs all the way down to this inflection point down at the hips. In this case, this woman is very boxy, as you can see, and again, now you’ve got this flank that’s literally hanging over the hip. And so this, you can deal with in a very straightforward manner with microcannular liposuction, and that’s what my preference is. Then, here, laser-assisted microcannular laser liposuction, and generally, that gives me very consistent results, as you’ll see here. This is a real transformation. I hope you see that. We’ve taken her from this box shape here to having this great little heart shape. These flanks that are hanging over are gone, and she’s got this great new figure. She has a completely different body after this liposuction procedure.

Here’s another example of a woman. Again, you see the problem here with the flank area and the hips. Again, when you do a procedure where you shape the hips, and you can see again you go from sort of a boxy-type look, and you’ve got nice curvature here. It actually makes people’s butts look better. Usually, I find that when people say they don’t like the way their butts look, it has little to do with their butts, and it has more to do with their hips and the side of their thighs projecting out too far. Again, you see here you have this flank or bra-strap area hanging over the hips, and this is completely gone. You see little pokes here. This is only about six weeks later, and those fade out with time, so obviously the trade is a very good one.

In conclusion, your back is basically … When you look at your back, it’s primarily made up of your hips and the flanks, and we can do a really, really big change by using technology, using laser-assisted liposuction and microcannular liposuction. So if you can find someone who knows how to use a laser, it’s not enough just to own one, but who does a lot of laser liposuction and who can show photos like these, then it’s definitely a very nice procedure to have. I think, as you can see, it can be pretty transformational, in terms of your body.

If you’d like to learn more, certainly visit our website at You can also just come in for a free consultation at 847-995-9000. That’s the phone number. You can also send us a request on the website. The consultations that we do either with me or Dr. Smith or one of our other liposuction specialists are done both in Chicago and Schaumburg, and hopefully, we’ll see you soon. So until next time, this is Dr. Joffrey from Lift Body Center, Than

Liposuction in Men

In this video, Dr. Joffrey discusses liposuction in men–something that is more common than you might think!

Transcript of video

Dr. Joffrey:     Hello everybody! This is Dr. Joffrey from Lift Body Center in

Today, I’m going to talk about something that generally is, for the most part, ignored but it really shouldn’t be because cosmetic surgery in men is on the rise. In my practice, men make up about 20 percent of my practice at this point. It’s not insignificant. One in five people who are coming in to have a procedure done are men.

A lot of those guys are having liposuction of some kind or another. Again, that’s probably the most common thing that we see. It’s all sorts of guys, really. It’s not the super stylish metro types. It’s guys who are working construction. It’s guys who are lawyers and doctors and bankers and a lot of guys in uniform. Actually, it is very, very common for me to get guys in the military because … I didn’t know this because I don’t have a military background, but apparently, the military does continue to do various types of measurements to determine whether or not a man is in shape or not. Those can be misleading, but sometimes you can manipulate them a little bit with doing a little bit of body contouring, otherwise known as liposuction.

The most common areas of liposuction in men are not necessarily that different from women. There’s the belly which is, of course, common; the abdomen that is the flanks or love handles. It looks like there’s a typo there, sorry about that. There are the love handles and probably abdomen and love handles are probably the most common. The third most common area for men generally is what is known as pseudogynecomastia which is … this is otherwise known crudely as man boobs or moobs.

Anyway, this is a big, big problem for a lot of guys. In fact, I will have people come in who don’t care about a great, big belly or the love handles. They just say, “Get rid of my chest because I cannot stand having male breasts.” It’s a very, very successful and gratifying procedure for men. Even neck is the other one. Men just like women have issues with a little extra submental or chin fat. Laser liposuction of the neck can be very useful in younger men and in older men as you’ll see in just a moment.

Just a few points, I guess. Generally in men I would say that it is a little different procedure than in women. Fat is typically thicker and harder to remove in men. It is less amenable to therefore a procedure like Waterlipo which relies on water pressure to overcome the strength, the binding strength of the fat cells. It’s not common when we’ll do Waterlipo in man. It’s more common that you’ll see us do laser liposuction or even ultrasonic liposuction. We’ll get into that another time.

Another thing about men is that, generally speaking, it’s harder to do procedures awake in men. The reality is that for some reason, women tolerate this stuff a lot better than most guys. Most guys probably can handle it. I mean I will tell you that I myself have a little awake liposuction from a friend of mine and it was fine. A lot of guys don’t tolerate this as well and usually it has to do with the anxiety levels, etcetera.

Most guys if they’re doing … particularly if they’re doing their stomach area, I will have them go to sleep. Otherwise, if we’re doing say just the love handles or the chest, those areas, even the neck, it tends to be pretty easy to do in men awake as well.

Just getting on this, some photos. This is a gentleman who’s got a little extra weight on him but he wanted us to address his neck and we used a little bit of laser lipo on him and this is just about six weeks later. He was very satisfied with the result. Obviously, it gave him much less of that double chin and also refined his jaw line a little bit as well as laser liposuction on the neck does.

This is another guy who had laser lipo of the neck, but in his case, he’s a slightly older guy, obviously. He didn’t really have any fat in his neck but he does have extra skin. In the old days, the only way to deal with somebody with excess skin, man or woman, would be to do some kind of face lift which would require some incisions along that way like that which I’ve done plenty of those. Most guys are happy if you can just reduce that little skin flap and that’s what we did. We did a laser liposuction procedure. We call it laser lipo, but largely it was just laser stimulation of the skin from underneath and we got it to contract this much.

Now, this was about six weeks later. Generally, the results will continue to get better and better on this for skin tightening for about, up to about three or four months. I did run into his wife and she said that he is actually looking even better than he did at follow-up, so that’s good news.

Here’s a typical belly. This guy has a little bit more visceral fat. We talk about visceral fat being the fat that is by the organs. That is fat that we can’t necessarily get to with a liposuction procedure. We focused primarily on subcutaneous fat with water or with any kind of liposuction really. Subcutaneous fat simply means fat that is right beneath the skin. It’s the fat that is between the skin and the muscle. You’re not going in by the organs and stuff. He has a mix of it too and he knew that. We went ahead and did this procedure. He is really happy with that. You can see quite a bit of change there obviously. You can almost see his certain muscles coming through.

Here’s another guy who has this hanging belly and love handles. He is a very typical man shape and heavy around the belly and the love handles in and even in the chest area a little bit. For this, we did have him go to sleep for this and we did a combination of procedures including laser lipo. This is him about six weeks later, or let’s see, not six weeks. This is about eight weeks, I guess. Anyway, it looks like about two months later. That’s a pretty great change if you look at how overall he is very significantly refined. Again, you can almost see some outlines of his muscles there if we get him thin enough. Sometimes you can actually sculpt a little bit. I won’t talk too much about this. That will be the topic of another talk, something that we call 3D or three-dimensional liposuction.

Here’s another problem area which is the love handles. You see many guys who are, just on the beach or whatever, and they are totally skinny and then they have love handles. It’s pretty straightforward to take care of this. As you can see in this gentleman here, another photo here of love handles. Love handles, otherwise known as male flanks, are bothersome problem for many, many men and it’s very straightforward. If it’s just the flanks that are of concern, I will generally recommend doing this awake, very straightforward again.

You see these tiny little marks here, that’s because it’s only about six weeks later and these become freckles or they become completely invisible in the majority of people over a few months. This guy obviously has got pretty substantial flanks or love handles here. This is him afterwards. Again, little marks there six weeks later, but obviously that is a pretty substantial change and he’s quite happy. He’s gone down quite a few sizes in his pants as I recall.

Anyway, so that is in a nutshell is a pretty good idea of some basic man lipo that you can do. We’ll touch on the pseudogynecomastia or man boob issue in another talk.

In summary, cosmetic surgery in men can be very gratifying. It is not just for guys who live in the city who dress up and make sure their hair looks really nice. It’s also for guys in the military. It’s for guys doing construction. In reality, guys of all shapes and forms in every walks of life for getting things done these days. Liposuction is pretty easy in the sense of not being something that it’s hard to hide from your friends as many of us guys would prefer to do with these types of things.

It’s really nice just to get rid of your hang-ups. If you are a guy and you don’t like the way your chest looks at the pool, it’s easy enough to have a little procedure and get rid of that problem for good. You don’t have to think about it anymore. That’s the way I think of it.

Ultimately, if there’s guys in the military doing it and you’re probably not too manly to do it either. Anyway, I’m just joking around a little, but certainly, I think it’s a great procedure for men and we see a lot more of it everyday. I think it’s something to seriously consider if you’re [inaudible 00:11:44] love handles, your chest, or whatever, even your neck and wish it were different.

Anyway, if you want to learn more, certainly come to the site, You can always call to make an appointment with either me or one of the other surgeons here. We’re all highly trained in body sculpting. The number is 847-995-9000. We do consultations in Chicago and Schaumburg. You’re welcome to see us either place. I’m typically only at Schaumburg because I don’t like going in the city as much, but we always have at least once or twice a week, have doctors out in the Chicago area who are awesome.

Come and see us. Talk to us about it. You won’t be the first man. You won’t be the last. Take care. This is Dr. Joffrey from, Lift Body Center.


Neck liposuction or Laser Lipo Versus Uplift: Neck Contouring and Killing the Turkey Neck!

Neck liposuction with laser assistance aka neck laser lipo or smartlipo of the neck can be a very gratifying procedure for qualified candidates. Others may need a more involved procedure such as UpLift. Dr. Joffrey discusses this in this video.

Transcription of neck liposuction video: Hello everybody.  This is Dr. Joffrey from Lift Body Center with the website.  Today I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite topics and that is the neck.  The reason that it is one of my favorite topics is because it’s a type of thing that can make a huge, huge difference for a person to refine the neck and the jawline.  It’s actually not that hard to do from the standpoint of the surgeon if you know what you’re doing.  Now if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can have potentially very disastrous results.  It is sort of a tricky thing because you have to find somebody who knows what they’re doing.  Obviously, it’s a less forgiving area.  If you had somebody who didn’t give you a great results in your legs, you can cover up your legs but it’s hard to cover up your neck unless you want to wear turtlenecks all year long.  The good news is that, again, it’s for those surgeons who are experienced in this, it’s a really great, very gratifying, and it’s really very, very consistent in terms of the kind of results you can get.  Let’s go on and talk a little bit more about what I do.  I have done probably about well over 1,000 liposuction procedures of the neck.  That I has given me an opportunity basically to really get this down a lot more than your typical surgeon.  The first probably 400-500 neck lipo procedures that I did, I did with the traditional technique and I got decent results and people who were good candidates.  They were always pretty good, but once I started using laser lipo, which I’ve probably done for the last 500 cases, the results have just become extremely consistent, extremely gratifying, and really, really better than the results I had beforehand.  Again, I think it goes consistently with the theme of what we do here at Lift Body Center, which is always try to find ways to do things that are better and safer and provide a better result for our patients.  Other techniques that are out there that people use like traditional liposuction, even water lipo, which is great for a lot things, is not good for the neck.  Laser lipo in my mind until someone shows me something that for some reason is somehow better is the gold standard in the neck.

Let’s start looking at individual patients and this is an example of a younger woman, probably as I recall in her early 20s, and I’m going to point this out to you because it’s not always obvious.  From the standpoint of a surgeon, what we look at in terms of the neck are a couple of things.  The biggest thing is this angle that you get because, generally speaking, the sharper angle you can get around here like that, the better and more refined the neck looks.  So next time you look at a Hollywood star, you know how they look like there.  They have this super long neck.  Now, there’s a couple of things that you can’t control about that.  Those two things are A) your chin.  You’ve got to have a decent chin to have a nice neck because if this chin was pushed back to here, then it’s going to be hard to have a nice long distance and give you that sort of swan appearance.  The other thing is there is a little bone here, a little attachment that’s called the hyoid bone.  Now, if this bone is back here, it’s good because – you can only get somebody’s skin to lie far enough back to match their bone structure, but if somebody’s hyoid bone is way up there, then this is basically going to go from here to here and then go straight down.  So there are some anatomical limitations on who can have a great neck.  You can certainly change – in some people who have no chin, it’s easy to put in a little chin implant to make the neck look better too.  But this is an example of a young woman who’s got a pretty good bone structure.  She’s got a nice chin and if you’re curious how I know, if you look at the projection of this chin, it pretty much lines up with her lower lip, maybe slightly behind, and for women that’s very appropriate.  If it was back here, we would know that her chin was probably too small and would consider doing a chin implant, but we don’t need to do that.  She’s got a nice chin and back here you can kind of – if you feel this, it’s hard to see, she has a decent hyoid bone.  It’s right around here and that sort of limits where we can get this angle.  So now, if you look – compare this angle here that’s kind of sloping down, now you’ve got this really nice elongated, soft, turning, or I should say sharper turning, down here.  It’s just a better angle and it just gives her much more of a refined appearance and that’s what we’re looking for when we do these procedures.

This is obviously a guy and this is a frontal view and some guys who are big guys, they have big necks and they wonder, well, what it will look like, would it look good if I get rid of the neck, will it look odd?  No, it looks great.  This is the same guy without the same big neck.  Again, a laser lipo procedure and he looks awesome and he’s really happy.

Let’s talk about that angle again, because this is a slightly older woman now and she has, once again, this sort of down-sloping neck that makes it look a little bit less refined.  Now again, look at the angle here.  Now you go all the way over here before you start turning in.  So again, that is perhaps something that people might think is subtle, but it really just makes her neck look a lot more refined and prettier.

This woman is, again, now slightly older than the previous one and I’m doing this for a reason.  Because I’m going up in ages like this for a reason.  Because as women or men get older and they have neck problems, the problem becomes less an issue about fat and more an issue of skin hanging.  So this woman doesn’t have that much fat here.  You can see it’s kind of – it looks just kind of like it’s kind of got a little bit of hanging skin.  Because we can actually contract this skin with a laser lipo procedure, she’s got this great angle.  So basically this whole little pocket of skin that was here is gone.  Now all of a sudden you have this nice looking angle to her neck.

This type of outcome, I mean like a skin tightening outcome, was not possible before people started using laser lip.  Now the other thing is you’ve got to know how to use your laser lipo.  You can’t just put in a laser and all of a sudden it does the job for you.  You have to know how to use it and you have to know how much energy to deliver.  You have to know how to do it aggressively enough where you’re going to get a really nice tightening effect but not too aggressively so that you’re going to end up with a bad outcome.  This is again a nice outcome.  You’ve got sort of tightening of the neck.

Now this gentleman is an extreme example.  Now he’s older than the previous one.  This guy I think is in his late 60s and so again we’ve got this thing here, which this is all skin.  Nothing but skin.  Okay?  Before our only option would be to do some kind of a facelift procedure and pull all this skin up.  But he didn’t’ want one and a lot of guys don’t want a facelift because guys are sort of macho or whatever.  What we did then for him was just a laser lipo and again delivered a whole bunch of laser energy.  If you look at this little band here, just focus on this and look here, look how it’s just kind of contracted up.  The other thing is look at his jawline.  It’s just a little bit sharper.  So that was enough to get him really happy with his result.

The one thing about laser lipo suction of the neck, there is a limitation in what you can do and that is you cannot treat jowling.  If you don’t know exactly what jowling is, I’ll explain that in a second.  The thing is the jowls are not fat and that’s why they don’t respond well to lipo or laser lipo.  Jowls are sort of rolled up muscle and they require some kind of a surgical procedure to get them unrolled.  The procedure that I use in those situations is something called uplift, which I’ll explain momentarily, but that’s a procedure that I’ve trademarked.  This is a woman who’s had an uplift, so you might be wondering what’s going on.

First of all, let’s talk about jowling.  This is jowling here, right here, and no matter even if we did laser lipo, we might be able to lift her neck to about there but then she would go down because she has this rolled up essentially muscle that’s from muscles in her cheek that are falling down.  It’s actually attachments to muscle, but I won’t get into that too much.  It’s called SMAS if you’re interested.  This women here, now if you look here what’s going on.  She’s got this nice jawline and she’s got this nice neck.  You might be wondering how the heck did we do that.  Well, uplift involves a couple of things.  I do the same little laser lipo procedure here to tighten up the neck, but now in order to life the jowl, what I did is – this is her six weeks later.  If you look very closely, you might just notice a tiny little bit of redness around her ears.  I did a little hairline incision that goes around behind the ear, I lift this skin up a little bit, and tighten these muscles and pull those jowls back up and that combination of things.  This is her about six weeks later.

Here’s another example of that.  Jowling.  Right here.  There’s no way laser lipo alone is going to do anything for that.  Obviously, a neck issue and we want to refine both the jawline, get rid of the jowl, and improve the neck.  Again, a hairline incision around the ear, two little pokes in the neck right underneath there, which you can’t see, and this is her six weeks later.  Again, you see a little bit of redness possibly if you looked very closely, but that becomes invisible very, very shortly thereafter.  Anyway, this is her before and after from the other side.

The conclusion here is that neck procedures result in some of the most rewarding results possible.  You can make a really huge difference to somebody’s overall facial appearance.  I can tell because I stare at necks all the time.  It’s one of those things that I look at and I really believe that at least half the people I see on a daily basis would actually look much better with some kind of neck work.  That’s not to say everybody has to have it, but if you look at necks like I do, you notice that and you might start doing that same thing.  If you go back and look at those photos and look at what I’m explaining.

If you are bothered by your neck, you should do something about it.  Give us a call (847) 995-9000.  Go to  Browse that.  We do consultations.  Chicago or Schaumburg, although most of the time, I’m in Schaumburg, so somebody else could potentially see you in the Chicago area in our Chicago consultation office.  I hope that was helpful.  This is Dr. Joffrey from Lift Body Center,  Thanks for listening.