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At the Chicago Liposuction and Specialty Clinic, we give accurate and straightforward Liposuction Cost quotations. Our client management system gives propriety centre-stage, avoiding unnecessary sales tactics and unscheduled follow-up calls. We firmly believe in total customer satisfaction, right from the initial consultation to the conclusion of follow-up visits. Your contact information remains safe with us, you can enjoy some peace of mind that we only communicate when absolutely necessary.

Full Disclosure Liposuction Cost / Pricing

Our methodology operates on full disclosure; therefore, our quotes don’t involve omissions or gimmicks such as the inclusion of phrases like “3 areas minimum”, “additional BMI rates may apply”, or “additional fees may apply”.

Other practices estimate the final liposuction cost for the patients by adding surgeon fees (anesthesiologist fees are additional), lab work, facility costs, med prescriptions and the compression garment.  You can, therefore, enjoy some peace of mind knowing that our pricing is all-inclusive with no hidden charges.

Transparency remains vital in our way of handling all cases. We believe in being direct, forthright, and incorporating ethics in our practice.

We offer a free consultation, giving you the chance to experience the warm, friendly, and private environment at our clinic before spending on your procedure.

Our price quotation comprises of:

  • Facility Fee
  • All follow-up visits

With no hidden costs, the initial assessment remains an accurate projection of the final prices.

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Single Body Area Procedures Costs

We strive to provide tailored-to-fit solutions. For this reason, all surgeries vary in pricing, mostly due to the body type, patient need and preference, and the number of areas under treatment. For example, an average 5’2″ woman weighing at 135lbs. can expect this quote:

  • $4,500
  • This price is an estimate, with the chance of a 10% to 15% variation depending on the amount of fat involved. This range is a result of dealing with a body that is smaller or larger than the average size.

Multiple Body Area Procedures Liposuction Costs

A significant number of clients prefer treatment of multiple areas in the same session. The preference comes about because the pricing of individual procedures added on is remains lower than that of a single region done individually. Here is a simple guide for the above example:

  • As already mentioned the first Liposuction Area costs $4,500.
  • Each additional area, starts at $2,000 based on the persons BMI.

The cost of procedure on multiple areas is lower than doing a separate procedure for each area, hence the reason to combine procedures.

Prices vary from one individual to the other, with consideration to the amount of fat extracted, as well as body size and the number of areas under treatment. We offer tailor-made solutions for that perfect look.

Financing Options Available at Chicago Liposuction

We provide friendly financing options for our clients, availing a manageable way of paying for your procedure. We have some direct financing options to our patients, ensuring that they reap the maximum benefits of liposculpture. We nurture a healthy partnership with some of the leading financial institutions, which provide financial and advisory services to our patients.

With friendly financing options, you are in a position to enjoy the best cosmetic procedures in Chicago with minimum hassle. Everything becomes significantly more affordable with easy monthly payments. Affordable periodic payments make it possible to indeed go for the surgery you desire without concern for imposing lump sum payments.

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Our doctors are vastly experienced and give accurate assessments of your unique case during the consultation. We incorporate your personal preference with the skilled expertise of our physicians for a harmonized resolution of your concerns and realization of that standout physique that you desire. We understand the challenge patients face in pursuing cosmetic procedures, and we endeavor to facilitate a pocket-friendly approach.

Book your complimentary consultation with the Chicago Liposuction and Specialty Clinic today, and begin your journey to perfection today. We take time to fill you in on the perfect procedure for you and avail a world-class, personalized service. Our skilled physicians are the ideal partner in jour journey to anatomical perfection.