What is Carboxytherapy for After Liposuction?

Posted on: November 17, 2022

Aesthetic procedures are becoming more advanced and for that reason, my patients seek the best aesthetic treatment options that I offer in my office, in order to maintain the results obtained from cosmetic surgery. US. or foreigners -residents outside or inside the country- choose liposuction. because in the US. We are known for having qualified professionals and prices are usually lower compared to other territories.

In this publication, I will dedicate myself to explaining what carboxytherapy is all about and how it complements liposuction in the patient’s postoperative period. The foregoing, coupled with the new trend of patients who opt for alternative aesthetic treatments to continue caring for the surface of their skin.

What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a highly requested aesthetic treatment in my office; Most women want to improve the appearance of their skin, especially when stretch marks or cellulite are present. In addition, carboxytherapy after liposuction is also ideal for those patients with fibrosis in the abdomen, after the procedure that promotes weight loss, liposuction.

It is important to highlight that fibrosis is not always caused by procedures in which fat is extracted; no organism is the same and this may be a reaction of your body that I try to improve after each session of carboxytherapy. Fibrosis is the hardening of the skin of the abdomen that appears either in the postoperative period or months later and is the product of how your body reacts to inflammation (a normal symptom) after the procedure.

In this sense, carboxytherapy after liposuction is an excellent therapy that I perform to soften the appearance of the skin when there is the presence of cellulite, stretch marks, flaccidity and, as I already mentioned, fibrosis. The main purpose of the procedure is to break the cellulite crystals and burn the fat, in order to reaffirm the flaccid skin present in the area. This aesthetic treatment that I offer in my office must be used by plastic surgery professionals, and this is a very sensitive issue because very often, patients seek anyone who claims to be a specialist and the results of the treatment are often terrible.

What is Liposuction?

Also known as liposculpture, it is one of the cosmetic surgeries most demanded by my patients and consists of an aesthetic procedure where the purpose is to eliminate localized fat in various parts of the body. Liposuction in the US. or in any other place begins with a small incision in a strategic place, depending on the area to be treated, and with a cannula connected to a state-of-the-art suction device, we are able to extract the amount of lipid tissue suitable for that you show off a contoured figure. If you want to know all the details of liposuction , you can review a previous publication.

How does Carboxytherapy after Liposuction work?

Through a subcutaneous injection, I concentrate on introducing carbon dioxide (CO2) under the skin of the abdomen with the purpose of regenerating the tissue manipulated in the operating room. As I already mentioned, carboxytherapy after liposuction helps improve the appearance of the skin when there are factors that deteriorate the surface of the tissue.

The effect of carboxytherapy after liposuction is regenerated skin, with a smooth appearance and soft to the touch. In addition, the texture of the abdomen improves if there are cellulite or stretch marks. If there was some sagging, even after liposuction, carboxytherapy also helps with that condition.

If I performed a liposuction on you in US. and you want the results to be long-term, you must not only be constant with the appropriate sessions of carboxytherapy; You must commit to comply with a diet and a series of exercises that I will recommend together with the nutritionist of my medical team. No patient is the same; Depending on your body, your weight and your measurements, in addition to the results you want to maintain in the long term, we will make an assessment and thus determine the best exercise and diet plan together with the carboxytherapy sessions after liposuction.

Benefits of Carboxytherapy

We can not only take advantage of the benefits of carboxytherapy for treatment in the abdomen; I also apply this aesthetic treatment to the face or to other places on the body where there is cellulite and stretch marks. In addition, it is a simple procedure and my long history allows me to do it in 10 or 20 minutes. After each session, the patient will observe the improvement in the surface of their skin and the results will be the desired ones.

On the face: I recommend the treatment in patients 35 years of age and older; subcutaneous injection brings the necessary collagen to the surface of the skin, which prevents aging. Carboxytherapy is ideal for people who smoke or quit smoking, as the aesthetic method rebuilds tissues damaged by cigarette toxins.

Other areas of the body: the thighs and buttocks are other areas of the body indicated for carboxytherapy. It is very common for my patients to suffer from the dreaded orange peel skin in those areas and with this aesthetic treatment I help to hide the unwanted appearance for all.

Other benefits: prevents aging, provides collagen to the skin and firms the tissues.