What is the minimum age for a Rhinoplasty?

Posted on: November 21, 2022

It is increasingly common for people of different ages to want to have a Rhinoplasty to achieve harmony in their face. It is important to take into account the conditions required to be able to have a nose job . This is why the minimum age for this procedure is essential when making the decision.

The aesthetic nose operation can be performed when the nose reaches its final size, this will happen approximately between 15 and 16 years of age. If for any reason the minor has a respiratory disease, it will be necessary to evaluate the case and perform a functional surgery with some conditions so as not to alter the growth of the nose.

The following aspects must be taken into account to guarantee the success of the Rhinoplasty :

  • The hormonal changes that exist during the early years and part of adolescence, in which variations are experienced in the skin of the nose and the soft parts attached to its skeleton.
  • To avoid abnormal transformations, growth zones within the nose that are active in development must be taken into consideration. In this case, surgical intervention is not recommended until the growth stops.
  • Choosing the best plastic surgeon , since, in addition to determining if the procedure can physically be performed, they will be able to analyze the patient’s mental state, what their motivation is and how the change will affect their personal and social life.
  • This type of intervention must be authorized by the parents, if the patient is a minor. Otherwise, you must wait until you are 18 years old to access the procedure.

Before undergoing a Rhinoplasty , it is important to analyze these conditions so that the patient achieves their expectations and can make the best decisions to improve their appearance.