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Smart Lipo is a laser device approved by FDA which aims in tightening and firming of loose skin as well as removing excess fat from the body. SmartLipo is an improvement of the traditional liposuction methods of removing excess fat since it is faster and produces better results. Unlike traditional liposuctions, SmartLipo uses a powerful laser beam which burns the fat and tightens the loose skin without the need for sedation or plastic surgery. Also, you do not have to take several treatments because, with Smart Lipo, one is just enough. We also have the best surgeons to guide you through this process without any risk. Therefore, this is the safest way to gain the best body shape and skin texture that you have always cherished.

Smart Lipo in Chicago

SmartLipo – female patient (29 years) – before (left) – 3 months post op (right)

How the fat is removed by Smart Lipo

Most people fail to understand how SmartLipo melts the body fats through the skin effectively without posing any danger to the patient. It works by inserting a minuscule cannula through the small incision of the skin of the patient which provides a conduit to remove the excess fat from the body. The inserted cannula has a network of laser fiber which acts as the medium through which the powerful laser beams passes to the skin of the patient. The miniscule cannula is then connected to the power source which produces extra high energy laser beams. The laser beam enters the skin of a patient to the fat cell before heating them until they liquidifies. The liquidities fats are then pumped out of the body through the cannula.

Smartlipo - Step 1 - tumescent solution addedSmartLipo - Step 2 - laser light appliedSmartLipo - Step 3 - Melted Fat extractionSmartLipo - Step 4 - skin recovery after lipo

SmartLipo uses laser beams which work in diverse and unique ways to achieve its results. For instance, it first liquefies the fat which gives opportunities to remove it quickly and consistently. This is an improvement from traditional methods of eliminating fats which are tiresome and ineffective. It also saves times from jogging and doing exercises as it is with traditional methods. Also, it provides extreme precision by targeting specific deposits of the fat in the body. It is also believed that it only focuses on the fat cells hence reducing the probability of damaging the surrounding body tissues. Do you want to get rid of excess fat from your body without hustles? Consult our surgical experts.

Also, the high energy laser beams stimulate the skin of an individual making it produce collagen. Collagens are the hormones produced by the skin of human being which makes it firm. The produced collagen enters the skin cells and tissues consuming all the salt that has been stored in the skin from the body. It also eliminates all the dead body cells deposited in the skin making it functional and healthy. Therefore, the new collagen causes the skin to grow more beautiful and at the same time reduces skin sagging and dimpling.

Do you wonder why most people regard the use of SmartLipo as the safest and effective procedure? Its increased use makes the blood vessels to coagulate together which means that the individual is free from bleeding and bruising disorders. It is also considered an invasive procedure since it uses smaller instruments which are less risky.

Which body areas can be treated?

There is no fat that SmartLipo cannot eliminate in any part of the body. This is because Smart Lipo is more precise and is most potent making its laser beams to penetrate to all parts of the body giving you the contoured shape that you have always desired. However, this technology is most effective in areas such as thighs, abdomen, love handles, back, neck calves, chin, upper arms, and buttocks. We have the best team who is ready to guide you in the exact areas that you need the operations. It is not recommendable to carry this to carry this procedure out on your own since what initially looked like a fat problem may turn out to mean excess skin problem or just another cosmetic problem.

Smart liposuction body areasSmartLipo – Laser Assisted Liposuction is most effective in areas such as thighs, abdomen, love handles, back, neck calves, chin, upper arms, and buttocks

Also, there are some body parts that you cannot treat using SmartLipo method. These areas include all the body tissues that are surrounded by delicate body organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys. These organs are very delicate and passing a beam of laser lays through them might kill their cells causing further complications to the patient. Therefore, it is essential to consult the advice and services of a known surgeon before undertaking this therapy.

Our surgeons are well equipped not only to remove up to ten pounds of the fats from the affected areas, but also to encourage the production of the protein in the body. The protein is one of the bodybuilding and repairing food and harbours mechanism with which the skin replaces the worn out tissues making it tight and smooth.

How long is the recovery after Smart Lipo?

Most patients get well after only one treatment through the use of SmartLipo. This is an improvement from the traditional methods where patients could take up to two weeks. Therefore, with SmartLipo, you should not worry about your employment or working schedule. You should only get a job leave of just one day since you should be able to get to work the following day after treatment. However, few people take up to 2 days before they recover, but this is the case of only exceptional circumstances. Mostly, you will feel better after 45 minutes to 1 hour of treatment.

It is advisable to wear a fitting garment covering the area of the body that has just been treated. This makes the skin of the treated area to adjust to the new and better shape and also hastens the process of recovery. Also, the tight-fitting prevents the operated area from swelling.
Also, it is recommendable to take a deep rest immediately after the surgery. The patient should also avoid taking on heavy and tiresome excises. Typically, the patients get back to work after 48hours.

SmartLipo has gained popularity among people because of its short period of recovery. It uses a tiny incision due to its advanced technology which reduces the damages to the surrounding areas. This means that the recovery will be very fast because there is no swelling or bruising. It also uses a very sharp laser which is very beneficial in reducing the risks of breeding and infections to other areas. This reduces the chances of complications making SmartLipo the best and secure means of getting excess fat out of your body cells.

Smart Lipo for excessive fat - liposuction modelSmartLipo recovery can be fast – you can experience some swelling in the treated areas.

The immediate candidate of SmartLipo therapy should take a balanced diet food. Most importantly, the food must have a high level of proteins to enable faster building up of the affected body tissues. Such food includes white meat, cereals, and cabbages. Also, they should take a lot of fruits and the food that supplement minerals into the body.

Therefore, SmartLipo rejects the notion that that recovery must take some weeks as it is with traditional methods of removing excess fat from the body. Though it is true that the recovery must take a specific path, it will not take long as other methods take.

You might not experience any swelling when you use SmartLipo for treatment. However, you can get some swelling depending on the areas that were treated. This should not cause any alarm as the swellings will quickly disappear after some time.

Amazing Results of Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo produces sudden change and results can be noticed after a short while. However, the change of patient body is gradual, and within a few months, he will be having the body shape that he had always desired. First, the candidate will start feeling that he has relaxed from the burden of excess weight he was carrying. The body will immediately start consuming the excess energy that it had stored as fat thereby burning the last bit of fat that could have been left out by laser beams. This gives the candidate a relaxation feeling from the discomfort of extra heat he was previously feeling. Therefore, the candidate feels the effects the same day after conducting SmartLipo therapy.

smartlipo results - 32 year woman - 4 months after surgerySmartLipo results – 34 year women – before (left) – 4 months after surgery (right)

SmartLipo is known to produce long-lasting effects. It is for this reason that most people are turning to its use. As opposed to traditional methods of losing weight, SmartLipo is not painful and can be conducted to any person without undertaking anesthesia.It does not matter whether you have excess fat or you have your skin sagging; our surgeons will address your problem.


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