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Laser liposuction – Time, age, genetic disposition, and one’s lifestyle all contribute to how fit and healthy our bodies are. One of the indicators of the effects of age and lifestyle is the accumulation of fat in various parts of the body. The more defined physiques point at an active life with healthy food choices. Sometimes, however, the extra fat is a result of hormonal changes, particularly in women. Pregnancies also result in the retention of adipose tissue, particularly in the abdomen and flanks. The causes vary between genders, but the challenge remains very similar.

Conventional Approaches

smiling girl exercising with weightsFor a trimmer, leaner figure, we endeavor to make healthy food choices and maintain an active lifestyle, typified by regular exercise. In many instances, this approach produces some significantly impressive results. However, even with an active lifestyle, the desired figure may still prove elusive and fail to materialize altogether. In some instances, jogging and gym workouts are not an option, for example when the individual has missing limbs or suffers from chronic pain in one or more body parts. Such pain makes it impossible to perform regular tasks, let alone take part in a session at the gym.

Mostly considered safe and straightforward, many people follow these avenues to a fitter, healthier body. However, this approach has some well-documented shortcomings. The results also take a considerable time to manifest, and most individuals give up along the way due to the time and effort needed. You want to see the fruits of your hard work consistently, and in some situations, this investment of time effort doesn’t appear to bring the desired results. It is for this reason that liposuction has increasingly become popular as it offers, by comparison, faster and more noticeable results when dealing with unwanted fat in various parts of the body.   

Your Way Out

Liposuction produces quick, fantastic results in scenarios beyond the influence of exercise and a healthy diet. This cosmetic procedure involves the liquefaction and suctioning of fat from problem areas. Technological advancements have made laser technology a key player in the process, hence, laser liposuction. This technology is not only ultra-modern, but also very safe. Our doctors are among the very best in Chicago, and a world of experience makes our clinic the best place to have a procedure in the state.

Treatable Areas for Laser Liposuction

Laser Lipo AreasLaser liposuction remains one of the safest and most flexible treatments, suitable for remedying excess fat in the most common problem areas. The body parts treatable using laser liposuction are:

  1. Abdomen
  2. Back
  3. Male chest
  4. Arms
  5. Chin
  6. Buttocks
  7. Love handles
  8. Waist and hip
  9. Thigh and knees
  10. Calf and ankle

This straightforward operation is your best bet as you seek that standout figure you desire so much.

What the Procedure Entails

Laser liposuction begins with the careful mapping of the area scheduled for treatment. This preemptive move ensures the accurate administration of local anesthesia. The anesthesia causes numbness in the region, which is crucial for your comfort throughout the operation. The surgeon then carefully makes minuscule incisions in the area under treatment. It is through these minute openings that the micro-cannula accesses your subcutaneous layer right under the surface. Laser energy then liquefies the fat for convenient and comfortable extraction. You remain awake as the doctor skillfully works to give you that lean, contoured figure.

Recovery and Post-Op Care after Laser Liposuction

After the successful suctioning of unwanted fat, we provide a compression garment. The principal role of this protective cover is to keep the part operated on clean and protected as your body assumes that toned form. There are specific directions from the doctor regarding the ideal period for which this protective brace remains on, and you should carefully observe these directives. Laser liposuction procedures are minimally-invasive, and for this reason, the recovery time remains unbelievably short. Typically, you may resume lighter duties in two days, with heavier tasks forming part of your schedule after a couple of weeks.

The quick recovery period has its advantages, most notably the benefit of leaving your work schedule intact. It is possible to have the procedure on Friday after work, rest over the weekend, and resume work on Monday. You don’t need additional off days. For best results, keenly follow the doctor’s instructions during the recovery period. Playing your part during this critical time is just as important as having the procedure with our competent and experienced doctors.

Why Get a Laser Liposuction Procedure?

The successful removal of fat restores that youthful, toned physique, clearly showing the defined muscle lines. These are the main benefits of having the procedure:

  1. Extra fat significantly limits your wardrobe options. You cannot comfortably wear those slim-fit outfits that you so desire. In many occasions, you can’t find the design in your size because some don’t come in plus sizes. With a lean figure, you comfortably don any stylish outfit you deem fit for the occasion.
  2. Most individuals struggle with anxiety, which on many occasions stems from one’s self-image. This situation effectively limits your confidence, resulting in low self-esteem. You no longer feel confident, constantly feel out of place, ugly, and unlovable. With a slimmer, toned look, you get to restore that peace of mind, improve your confidence level, and get to enjoy life. This renewed confidence subsequently results in better performance, particularly at work and in your daily tasks.
  3. Having a procedure significantly transforms your look. To maintain this figure, you have to stick to a healthy lifestyle, making good choices regarding what you eat or drink. Regular exercise forms a critical part of the equation. This necessary shift is because liposuction doesn’t make you immune to future weight gain. You are adopting a healthy routine that benefits your body as a whole, increasing your energy levels along the way.
  4. Laser liposuction is the way to go if you require a safe procedure with quick results. If you choose to work out, the ideal form will take an extended period to materialize, and it may still not exactly be what you desired. The results of liposuction manifest right after your session, with some cases, depending on the complexity and the doctor’s recommendation, requiring more than one procedure. Whichever way, there is tangible change the moment you leave the clinic.

There are many more upsides to having this simple procedure in your problem area, and it is well worth every penny.

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Before the surgery, we have a consultation with the patient. All cases are unique, and as such, for best results, we endeavor to avail tailor-made solutions for each person. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Genetic variations and personal preferences make each procedure unique, and we aim to put your needs first, augmenting what you want with important professional recommendations as you pursue that perfect look.

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