Do you want to get breast implants?

Posted on: November 7, 2022

These are the responsibilities you must assume if you are seriously thinking about it

Breast implants were created in the 1960s and the first augmentation mammoplasty with silicone implants was also performed; As the years have passed, the different industries have developed the best technology to create an implant that is noble to the body and has a more natural appearance, but not only has this been the challenge, but also to ensure that breast implants are fully accepted by the body. and do not cause complications.

Nowadays, the placement of breast implants is still a very frequent surgery it is the 2nd most practiced aesthetic plastic surgery, which has resulted in greater study and attention to the evolution of each patient after the implants are placed; the results, the duration of the implants, the appearance of the breasts over the years, the displacement of the implants, rupture, rotation, contracture of the capsule that forms around the implant, appearance of symptoms such as pain and even associated diseases.

The professionalism and ethics that we must have with our patients tells us that we must speak to them clearly to provide them with all the explanation to understand what the placement of breast implants is all about and thus assume all the responsibilities behind the happiness of generating a positive change and beautiful of her breasts as they always expect. However, behind that dream of having slightly larger, raised or projected breasts is the issue of health that we as plastic surgeons must always safeguard.

Here I tell you what are the responsibilities that you must assume if you are thinking of getting breast implants;

  • You must understand that it is NOT a medical device for life, the FDA certifies certain brands of implants to make a change after 10 years; In other words, you must take into account that you will go back into the surgery rooms to undergo a subsequent surgery.
  • It is a foreign body that must be accepted by your body, otherwise it may require removal.
  • A complication such as “capsular contracture” may arise, which in greater degrees will require surgery again to remove that capsule and change the implant.
  • There is another disease related to the capsule that forms around the implant called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which is still being studied today and despite its minimal frequency of appearance, it is important to know that it exists and that it is curable with a new intervention for capsule removal.
  • Choose a certified brand of implants, so you will have the support of a serious company with scientific studies on the use of the implant and also a guarantee in certain situations.