Tummy Tuck

Loose skin in the abdominal region is a common concern for many individuals. Women, in particular, have to contend with the condition due to having children and significant weight loss. This problem is a cause for concern, mainly because healthy eating and an active lifestyle don’t offer a reprieve for women trying to restore that youthful, sculpted look. Other times, there is a lack of proportionality in your midsection.

A situation that remains unresponsive to conventional methods of achieving your ideal appearance may cause some concerns, leaving you anxious about your looks and affecting your self-esteem. At Chicago Liposuction and Specialty Clinic, we have the perfect solution in the form of expertly-performed tummy tucks.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that brings out the definition in your body parts such as the abdomen by the removal of excess or unwanted skin and fat. The doctor not only removes the unwanted tissue but also tightens your navel area, giving it a smoother, youthful look. Getting a tummy tuck is a fast and possibly safest cosmetic procedure for a trim waistline.

After the operation, you boast a leaner look, not just in your bikini line, but also a more muscular look all the way up to your upper abdomen.

Who Needs a Tummy Tuck?

The surgery works best for women in relatively good health, but have sagging skin in the abdomen, or are trying to get rid of fat that’s unresponsive to dieting or regular exercise. Pregnancies stretch the skin beyond limits where natural elasticity can restore the smooth, toned look. With time, the skin produces less and less collagen, and in turn, loses its ability to recover its natural, taut look.

The procedure is your go-to solution in such a scenario, helping you bring back the shapely abdomen you spotted before pregnancy.

Are You an Ideal Candidate?

These are the minimum requirements for a suitable candidate:

  • There has to be a presence of loose and sagging abdominal skin
  • A protruding abdomen that lacks proportionality with the surrounding parts of the body
  • Weak abdominal muscles that come about as a result of pregnancy or age
  • Extra, unwanted abdominal fat

Ascertaining suitability for the procedure remains a critical part of the process, and this takes place during the initial consultation with the doctor.

How the Doctor Performs a Tummy Tuck

The first step is the administration of anesthesia, ensuring maximum comfort for you during the session. The doctor then makes a smile-shaped incision from your left hipbone to the right or vice versa. A tactful approach positions conveniently position this line in a manner that makes it invisible when you wear your regular outfits or even decide to wear a bikini. The cut lies right above your pubic area, with a second one freeing the navel from surrounding muscle.

The doctor then separates the skin from your abdominal wall and lifts the flap of skin up to your ribs, exposing your vertical abdominal muscles – rectus abdominis. The physician brings the underlying muscles closer together and stitches them into place. This step gives you a firmer abdomen and a relatively smaller waistline.

Depending on your unique case and the corresponding surgical needs, you may have a mini-tummy tuck. This operation is a partial abdominoplasty with a significantly smaller incision may not require the repositioning of your navel. Mini-tummy tucks involve the adjustment of the area between your navel and incision line, above your pubic area. The surgeon then stretches the skin flap towards your waistline, removes the unwanted tissue, and stitches the flap back.

For patients with a considerable level of skin elasticity, liposuctions alone may effectively bring out the desired look. Liposuction easily and safely gets rid of extra fat in the body and is a fantastic option if you have no plans for pregnancy in future.


Recovery speeds vary from patient to patient, but this is the typical timeline involved in the healing process:

  • Immediately following surgery, you have to wear a compression garment, and this must remain on for the period prescribed. Reasonable movement is beneficial to your recovery at this stage, maintaining a controlled level of activity at this point.
  • At the end of the first week, a small drainage tube comes off. During this phase, you experience some bruising and swelling as the body flushes out all excess fluid. After seven to ten days following your operation, the stitches come off.
  • In some weeks, you no longer have to wear the compression garment. The physician properly directs you on the best time to stop wearing this protective cover. At this stage, you may comfortably increase the amount of activity in your daily schedule. Within three weeks, you can perform non-strenuous duties. This phase sees a steady decrease in swelling and bruising. At this point, the effects of your surgery begin to properly manifest.
  • Your sculpted look sets in over the few months following your procedure, with the dissipation of numbness and tightness in the treated region. The incision line also continually heals, fading from the original reddish complexion.

It is crucial to take great care of your body during the recovery period. Some necessary precautions include avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Remember to staying away from dark clothing as it retains heat and may result in increased skin temperatures which, in turn, hamper recovery.

The scar is smartly concealed and remains covered when you are in regular clothing, and even when you are in a bikini. However, the nature of the incision means that it will always be visible on closer observation.

What to Expect from a Tummy Tuck

There is a significant change in the appearance of your midsection immediately after surgery. A majority of patients enjoy the benefits of a firmer, toned abdomen, with increased self-confidence and significantly less or no anxiety about their appearance. You dress a leaner figure with more ease and look much better too.

Remember, you still have to make healthy food choices and maintain an active lifestyle, incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine. Having a tummy tuck has no bearing on future weight loss, so treat your body well and maintain that stunning, hourglass figure.

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