Pleasure in Pain

She bent over while spreading her legs as her neck was bound to a chain, hanging from above. Her tight garters and corset made her look like a true slave in a BDSM porn video. She had her hands behind her back (tied) and the metal rings which were attached to the floor were taking care of her ankles. And there was no escape for her.

The door opens and he appears with a bucket full of water and a bar of soap. He looked at her in the eyes before going behind her and applying water and soap to her genitals. The water wasn’t that cold but the sheer feeling of his touch made her quiver. He gently rubbed her genitals and she was shivering in pleasure because she couldn’t believe that such an intimate thing can be performed in such a wild way by another man. He was gentle in his strokes making her sweep away with the feeling of pleasure.


Her euphoria ended suddenly when he flogged her ten times on each of the sides by using a horsewhip on the inner thighs. She started screaming madly. All of a sudden, he dropped his whip, went behind her and started pounding her mercilessly. He was so rough that even the chains were rattling like maniacs.

Their bodies were sweaty and the thrusting sounds were filling the entire room along with the jingling of the chains. One can see such sex scenes in a woodman gangbang porn video. He noticed that she is about to have her orgasm and so, he pulled her hair to make her look into his eyes as he pressed her clit with his other hands He started rubbing her clit violently and she screamed on the top of her voice and she had a heart-pounding orgasm like never before.

After that, he waited for her to come back to the senses and then started the aftercare by caressing her hair, back, and arms. He gently pulled his manhood out from her and walked towards in front of her to make her clean it with her mouth. Once done, he pulled it out and pushed her chin up by using his index finger as if he was embracing her in his way. She was taken aback by the gesture and said, “Thank You.”

Finally, he started feeling her cheek with the back of his hand. She closed her eyes to feel every bit of his touch. Suddenly she couldn’t feel him. She opened her eyes to only see darkness everywhere because when she was feeling his touch, she was so enchanted that she never realized that in that time, he walked away from her by locking the door and switching off the lights.