Water Lipo® vs Traditional

Get the Facts – Water Lipo®

Traditional Liposuction

Water Lipo®

Pain ControlUsually general anesthesia – gas, sometimes IV sedation.Local anesthetic (numbing)


Add facility and anesthesia costsUsually less


Much higher complication rateTumescent technique with lowest rate of complications documented in the medical literature. Greatest patient satisfaction documented in the medical literature.


Much less precise because of large instruments and sleeping patientDesired improvement with greater proven safety.


Significant blood loss

Transfusions can be required

Minimal blood loss. Patient usually loses more blood during a blood test than with these procedures


Significantly more. Requires immediate and prolonged use of pain killers.Often minimal because much less trauma caused to the body with water pressure than scraping at fat.

IV Fluid Needs

NOT a tumescent technique, misleading if stated so. Need IV Fluids to replace what is lostTumescent technique replaces fluid in the patient in the form of the tumescent Solution. No extra IV fluids are neede


Usually double or triple that of tumescentFaster recuperation time, walk-in-walk-out surgery always done as an in-office procedure

Return to Work

Return to work in days to weeksUsually can return to work the next day depending on the treatment size *


Larger instruments that crush and suck fat means more pain, bleeding and schance of skin irregularities and LOOSE SKIGentle stream of water creates virtually zero bleeding and smooth results. Laser tightening during procedure further tightens skin.

Operative Suite

Usually hospitals; Sometimes surgical center; Less office basedAlmost always done in office. No hospitals or IVs required.


General anesthesia or heavy ID sedations usedLocal numbing only. No IV sedation used


Why are the above comparisons so important? Most of the complications of liposuction in the press have been attributed to either a severe reaction to anesthesia or extreme blood loss, neither of which is a risk for Water Lipo® patients.

So how does Dr. Joffreys practice of Water Lipo® differ from many others practicing liposuction in the Chicago metropolitan area?

  • Dr. Joffrey uses no IV sedation or general anesthesia
  • Dr. Joffrey trademarked the Water Lipo® procedure that utilizes both the Body Jet cannulas AND laser liposuction to maximize your result.
  • Dr. Joffrey offers more than one single technology. We perform micro-cannular liposuction, laser liposuction, and Water Lipo®. Because of this, you will get what you need. Some offices will offer you only one technique and say it is superior because they only know one way of doing things or have only a single technology. Dr. Joffrey will give you options that you will not have at other offices.
  • Dr. Joffrey performs all liposuction procedures in the office.
  • Dr. Joffrey is a board certified surgeon.
  • Dr. Joffrey has never had a patient suffer a severe complication from the Water Lipo® or any other liposuction procedure.

Anyone who is considering an elective procedure should educate themselves on the different procedures available to them and the risks and costs involved. Before undergoing any procedure, Dr. Joffrey encourages you to get the facts and work with a professional that follows the guidelines of safe and effective cosmetic treatments.

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We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the safety and effectiveness of Water Lipo® or any other kind of liposuction procedure you may be considering. Furthermore, we have many, many happy patients who a will take the time to tell you of their great experience with the procedure.

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