Cankle Liposuction Chicago

Legs have always defined fashion, lifestyle, and youth. As we age, we are not at our best because our legs start to lose their youthful sleek shape. Nothing is more annoying than a cankle. This derogatory term has found its place in our daily lexicon and unfortunately replaced thick ankles.

You have tried diet and exercise, but stubborn fat in the lower leg is challenging to remove. Now, you can have tumescent lipo and get rid of your cankles.

What is cankle Liposuction?

A cankle is defined as the excess fat area below the calf muscles and the ankle area.

To remove this fat accumulation, the surgeon must analyze if the condition is not related to lipedema or edema (fluid retention). This is usually done in a complimentary visit and pre-op test.

It is an outpatient cosmetic procedure done in our office in less than two hours. The doctor will freeze the area above the ankle and remove the excess fat using a powered tube called a cannula.

The cannula can be powered with water, a laser, or ultrasound technology. These all have fancy marketing terms like WaterLipo, SmartLipo, or Vaser.

Fat cells are dislodged by a saline solution injection. It contains lidocaine (a freezing agent), epinephrine (a blood vessel constrictor), and sodium bicarbonate.

In some cases, the doctor will use a laser to sculpt the lower leg below the calf to give you a sleek shape. This is a very tricky portion of the surgery and should always be left to the most experienced hands.

In some instances, ankle liposuction is required to make the surgery look more natural.

Recovery time is short, usually within a few days.

The advantages of cankles liposuction

  •       No need for general anesthesia
  •       The quick outpatient procedure is done in our clinic
  •       Tumescent liposuction allows for body sculpting with SmartLipo
  •       No sutures necessary
  •       Can be combined with fat transfer procedures (breast augmentation)
  •       Fast recovery period
  •       Affordable and financing available

Who will perform my liposuction surgery in Chicago?

Our many years of experience will give you the best results in this delicate area of lipo surgery. As members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, our specialists receive constants updates on the latest techniques.

Am I a good candidate for cankle liposuction?

Fat removal lipo has been around since the 1970s. Over the last fifty years, the procedures have immensely improved. Using a modern local anesthetic and epinephrine, an excellent plastic surgeon can perform your surgery with minimal complications if you are in generally good health.

You should be close to your ideal weight with no big bounces up or down. Your BMI should be below 30.

Obese patients should not look to liposuction for a quick solution to weight problems. The amount of fat that can be extracted depends on the size of the patient and rarely exceeds five pounds in one procedure.

As liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, it is not recommended for people using blood thinners.

The success of liposuction is dependent on age, areas of the body, proper diet, and hydration.

The ideal candidate has a healthy lifestyle, good skin elasticity, and needs to deal with a fatty tissue issue that makes them feel in social situations.

How to prepare for cankle liposuction?

Patients need to follow a few rules that will make their surgery a success:

  •       Stop smoking and drinking two weeks before your surgery.
  •       Avoid using drug thinners ( Aspirin and NSAIDs)
  •       Eliminate herb supplements that can interfere with the surgery medication
  •       Organize your recovery by stocking your fridge
  •       Wear loose clothing that is easy to remove
  •       Organize transport to and from the clinic.
  •       It is best to have somebody stay with you the first night

Recovery from cankle liposuction

Most fat deposits can be removed in a one-time procedure under two hours. Still, the recovery depends on the patient and the areas that were treated.

Fortunately, cankle surgery is considered a minor liposuction procedure. The excess fat found below the calf can be treated with a few small incisions that will need to be kept clean with soap and water. There is no need for sutures.

There will be inflammation for the first few days. The local anesthetic’s numbness will wear off, and you may feel some mild to medium pain. The surgeon will have prescribed pain medication if that is the case.

The swelling will gradually reduce over the first week.

It is essential to wear the compression garment to keep the results of the surgery in place.

Skin elasticity is a crucial factor in helping the treatment area tighten up and look smooth.

Keeping a constant weight after surgery is a goal we encourage you to have. If you were to gain weight, it is unlikely for fat to return to the treated area. Liposuction will never be better than a well-supervised weight loss plan.

Finally, diet and proper hydration will play a significant role in your final results. A diet rich in lean protein, fresh produce has proven to give patients a quicker recovery and sleeker legs.

Cankle Liposuction Cost

Most patients who inquire about liposuction costs should do so during their complimentary visit to meet with their doctors.

With the advent of the Internet, people have developed a need to know now. With that in mind, we usually advise that cosmetic surgery is elective and not covered by most health plans

A woman who is 5’2″, around 130 lbs, can expect their initial surgery to be $4,500.

Often, patients will take the opportunity to do other procedures concurrently. Leg liposuction can include the tight gap, saddlebags (outer thighs), knee and ankle liposuction. These added procedures come with large discounts if added to cankle liposuction.

Financing Available

We have set up arrangements with some of the finest financial institutions in Illinois to help make this surgery possible for you. These companies can tailor a plan that fits any budget.