Ankle Liposuction Chicago

We all enjoy wearing the latest fashions. Whether it is flowing dresses or capri pants, thick ankles are not right, especially with high heels or open-toe pumps.

Ankle liposuction is one of the easiest solutions to remedy large ankles that have unwanted fat deposits. It is often combined with cankles liposuction.

Done as an outpatient procedure in our office, we can make all parts of your lower leg look thinner in as little as an hour with our patented Smartlipo procedure.

Ankle liposuction procedure

It is a straightforward and safe yet tricky procedure done under local anesthesia.

We call this tumescent liposuction.

You are given local sedation in the form of a pill to help you relax. Long gone are the days of general anesthesia.

After an injection to numb the ankle, the doctor makes small incisions (the size of your pinky width) on both sides of your ankle.

The doctor starts by injecting, with a cannula, a saline solution that contains lidocaine (a numbing agent), epinephrine (a blood vessel constrictor), and sodium bicarbonate.

The skill of the surgeon comes into play here. Only experience can teach how far to insert the cannula around the area to minimize the trauma. Too little, and it is hard to remove the fat cells, and too much can make the area dimply.

Within 15 minutes, the area is ready to have the fat removed. The surgeon can use a laser-equipped cannula to dislodge the stubborn fat deposit, sculpt the ankle and allow the site to be cauterized. This procedure will enable collagen production around the Achilles tendon and make the skin tight within a month.

The staff will dress the incision sites, and you will spend an hour or less in the recovery room. It usually depends on the time it takes for the local anesthetic to wear off.

You will receive proper instructions on keeping the incision clean. The sites will close on their own in a few days.

Make sure you have a drive home and can rely on someone to help you for the first day.

The recovery time is relatively short.

Am I a Good candidate for ankle Liposuction?

You have tried a supervised weight loss program and specific exercises. Yet, it seems that fat accumulation in your ankles is never going to go away. One of the most stubborn areas of the body is the ankle area. It is often genetic, and only lipo seems to help excess fat from the lower calf to the ankle.

Any type of lower leg surgery requires a careful analysis from a qualified cosmetic surgery. You don’t want to have uneven results from one leg to another. Do you?

To know if you can benefit from ankle liposuction, we have six questions for you:

  •       Are you healthy with no blood issues?
  •       Is your leg tapering properly from knee to ankle?
  •       Do you have a BMI under 30?
  •       Do you have excellent skin elasticity?
  •       Will you refrain from using excessive amounts of alcohol and tobacco during your recovery?
  •       Will you follow all the instructions of your doctor pre-and post-op?

If you can honestly answer yes to all these questions, you are probably a good candidate for a liposuction procedure.

Patients can inquire during their free consultation about other procedures that can complete a beautiful leg. Liposuction of the calves can also be done as the doctor can sculpt the tapering look to your delicate ankles.

Preparing for Ankle Liposuction

To get ready for the day itself, you’ll want to:

  • Have your medications filled in and bring them with you to your procedure
  • Arrange for a driver to bring you to and from your procedure
  • Be sure to have someone who you can rely on after surgery
  • Stop medication that can produce excessive bleeding (Aspirin, NSAIDs)
  • Avoid herbal supplements, Vitamin E, Fish oil for two weeks before surgery
  • Loose clothing is preferred for easy removal

Recovery after Ankle liposuction surgery

Each patient has a different recovery metabolism. Experience shows that ankle liposuction has a short recovery period.

At first, you will have residual numbness. This will be followed by some mild to moderate pain in the treated area. This is normal. The site will show signs of puffiness and swelling.

It is essential to keep the compression garment at all times to reduce the swelling.

Keeping the incision sites clean with soap and water will minimize the risks of infection.

Walking short distance is recommended in the first week

Avoid sitting for long periods. You need the blood to circulate in your legs

Within a few days, the swelling will have gone down, and you can resume normal activities.

Final results from leg lipo procedures can take from one to six months to fully show.

The good news is that if you keep your weight constant, it is unlikely that the fat will return to your new and sleek ankles

Cost of Ankle Liposuction

Liposuction procedures are usually priced by area, weight, and time. What does that mean?

Area: Which part of the body will receive the treatment.

Weight: The doctor has to calculate how much fat can be removed safely

Time: The estimate the doctor thinks it will take to perform the surgery.

With the ankle, the area is minimal, and the amount of fat removal is relatively small. We can safely estimate that the procedure will be around $4,500.

This will include all the costs of your visit:

  • Pre-op testing (blood work etc.)
  • Clinic fee
  • Medication and supplies used during surgery
  • Board-certified surgeon fee
  • Post-Operative compression garment and supplies
  • Follow-up visits
  • We have prepared a  cost for your liposuction procedure page to review some of the procedures you may want to consider

Pain Medication will be prescribed but is at the discretion of the patient.