Expectations and Results

Realistic Liposuction Results: What to Expect

Most liposuction patients have high hopes for their surgery, but it’s important that you keep your expectations realistic. There are many misconceptions about what liposuction can do for patients. We want our patients to have a realistic view of what liposuction is, and what it can do for them. When patients have realistic expectations, they tend to be very happy with their results. Patients who are realistic about what they can expect from liposuction often get a boost of self-confidence along with an improvement in their appearance, which is one of the goals at the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic.

Below are some of the common myths that patients have about liposuction:

Is liposuction a method for weight loss?

Liposuction is not a good weight loss option because removing large amounts of fat can lead to a number of serious health problems as well as loose skin in the targeted area. The maximum amount of fat that can be removed at one time is only about 6 to 8 pounds.

Does Liposuction get rid of Cellulite?

Liposuction does not address problems with cellulite. Cellulite occurs as a result of fat located in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, but liposuction can’t reach this subcutaneous fat. Liposuction works only with the fat situated between the bottom layer of the skin and the muscle tissue.

Liposuction Before and After

Are Liposuction results permanent?

No cosmetic procedure can offer permanent results. However, Patients who take good care of themselves after their liposuction surgery by keeping a healthy diet and exercising moderately will see lasting results.

A patient who gains a lot of weight after their surgery will still see some weight gain in the area that was treated with liposuction, so the permanency of the procedure depends on how well patients take care of themselves and their liposuction results after their surgery.

The bottom line is patients who understand that liposuction has limitations are more likely to be satisfied with the results of their procedure.

Is liposuction right for me?

Liposuction is currently the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. Patients love the dramatic, yet natural-looking results that liposuction provides. But this procedure isn’t for everyone. Would you be a good candidate for liposuction?

The doctor looks for specific characteristics in patients to decide whether or not they would be good candidates for liposuction. The most important characteristics include the following:

  • You should be an adult (over the age of 18 years) in general good health.
  • You should be within 30 pounds of your ideal weight.
  • You should be a non-smoker.
  • You should have good, elastic skin with firm muscle tone.
  • Patients who have localized fat deposits that are diet-resistant are good candidates for this procedure. In other words, patients who are seeking to change the way their bodies are proportioned (for example, wanting smaller hips or thighs and more volume in the buttocks or breasts) are most likely to feel happy about the final results of their procedure.
  • Positive expectations.

Patients who meet these requirements tend to see spectacular results from liposuction surgery. While liposuction is not a weight-loss alternative, many patients are motivated by their liposuction results to lead a much healthier lifestyle afterward.