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No one loves love handles. But a lot of people have them! Fat deposits in this area of the body are highly noticeable and a source of a lot of frustration for many of our patients. Both men and women have issues with flank fat that’s resistant to both diet and exercise. Without liposuction, love handles often persist and get worse over time which is why love handle liposuction is one of the most common areas that we target at the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center.


Liposuction of the Flanks (aka Love Handles)

The flanks are the area of the body located between the bottom of the ribcage and the topmost ridge of the hip bone. Fat tends to accumulate in this region of the body, in part due to gravity. When weight gain appears, this is one of the first areas of the body where people start to notice it. Unfortunately, some people are genetically prone to developing love handles so liposuction that targets this area of the body is an important procedure because it not only helps to eliminate the fat that’s already located in the flanks, but it can also prevent fat from accumulating here in the future.

Men are more prone to developing problematic love handles than women, although both genders can accumulate fat in the flanks. Liposuction of the love handles in men produces very different results than love handle liposuction in women. For men, this procedure creates a more athletic, “V-shaped” appearance. In women, liposuction of the flanks enhances the feminine curves of the waist and the hips, while beautifying the appearance of the lower back and the buttocks at the same time. After liposuction surgery on this area of the body, both genders report that their clothes fit more comfortably.

Handles / Flanks

At the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center, we use Waterlipo™ to gently wash away fat in targeted areas of the body. Waterlipo™ is a technologically sophisticated procedure that uses water pressure rather than scraping to remove excess fat cells from the body. By making use of Waterlipo™ as a gentle and safe alternative to traditional liposuction, patients are able to have their surgery performed using AwakeLipo, an anesthetic option that’s much safer than using general anesthesia. With AwakeLipo, patients are given only a local anesthetic to numb the targeted areas completely. As part of the AwakeLipo package, patients are also given a sedative that makes them feel calm and very relaxed. Patients remain awake throughout the procedure and they can be awakened for repositioning, but the procedure is entirely pain-free and recovery much faster than if patients were given general anesthesia instead.

Patients who are generally in good health and who have excellent skin elasticity can see dramatic results from liposuction of the flanks because even a small reduction of fat in this area of the body creates noticeable change. Love handle liposuction is a popular procedure because this area of the body is easily targeted using a minimally invasive technology, such as Water Lipo. The whole body has a more pleasing appearance with the enhanced contour changes made as a result of targeting this area of the body.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Chicago Liposuction?

Every patient is different

We take many different factors into consideration to determine which of our patients are the best candidates for love handle liposuction using Water Lipo. By carefully screening our patients in regard to important factors such as skin elasticity and overall general health, we can determine which procedure is best for each patient.

Customized Treatment Plans

At the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center, we develop surgical treatment plans that are customized to each individual patient’s specific situation. The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who feels self-conscious about their love handles. Patients who have tried dieting and exercise to get rid of the fat tend to see the best results from this procedure. For these patients, removing excess fat deposits in the flanks often leads to a significant increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.

 Flanks Treatment

Physical Condition Requirements

During the initial consultation, our doctors will inquire about your health history and previous medical conditions that you’ve had that might slow the recovery process. In order to be considered for this procedure, patients need to meet the following criteria:

  • Good skin elasticity.
  • Good underlying muscle tone.
  • Be within 30% of their ideal body weight (BMI) and their weight should be stable.
  • Be in good general health with no major illnesses.
  • Non Smokers
  • Have realistic expectations

We’ll discuss the various options that we have available to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and also help you understand realistically what to expect from your treatment plan.

Patients should note that love handle liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It’s true, that some patients get their love handles treated in order to jumpstart a new weight loss regime or to buttress healthy lifestyle changes, but patients already need to be in relatively good health before the procedure.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs can all inhibit the recovery process so these lifestyle factors are contraindicated for patients considering love handle liposuction. The ideal candidate for this procedure would be a non-smoker who drinks alcohol only occasionally and who does not do drugs.


At the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center, our doctors specialize in providing patients with the best results using the safest techniques in order for patients to have the least amount of downtime possible.

At the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center, we use AwakeLipo to anesthetize patients for their procedure which significantly reduces the associated risks and complications.. AwakeLipo involves the use of a local anesthetic that’s injected into the target area in combination with a sedative. All of our patients at the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center are given AwakeLipo to numb the area or areas of the body being treated while simultaneously resting in a state of profound relaxation. In comparison with recovering from surgery after being given general anesthesia, AwakeLipo hastens the initial recovery process.

Love Handles / Flanks

The recovery period for love handle liposuction using Waterlipo™ varies somewhat from patient-to-patient, but most patients are able to return to work within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Waterlipo™ is a very gentle and safe procedure so while the first one to two days after the procedure may be a little uncomfortable as the body begins the healing process, after this time, most patients heal quickly and without pain. The doctor will prescribe a pain medication for patients to take as needed. After the first week of recovery from Waterlipo™ surgery, most patients report little to no pain or discomfort.

During the recovery period patients may experience some side effects from the procedure. These side effects include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Loss or changes in the sensation of the skin in the target area
  • Mild bleeding or tissue fluid drainage
  • Soreness

These side effects typically disappear within 1 to 3 weeks after the procedure.

During the first 4 to 6 weeks following recovery, patients will need to be vigilant in caring for themselves in order to achieve the best results possible. Below are some important factors that can make the recovery process go faster while promoting excellent results from the surgery:

  • Strenuous Activity -Patients should avoid all strenuous activities during the recovery period. But it can be beneficial for patients to do light, gentle movements such as walking at a reasonable pace to promote good blood circulation after surgery.
  • Compression Garment -Patients should wear their compression garment for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the doctor gives them permission to wear it for fewer hours of the day. Typically, patients are asked to wear the garment for 24 hours a day (except while showering) through the first week after surgery to properly support the tissues as they heal. After this time period, patients may be asked to wear the garment for 12 hours a day.
  • Diet -A healthy diet consists of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. A healthy diet can have an important impact on the final results of the procedure.
  • Hydration -Drink plenty of water to promote a faster healing response.
  • Prescribed Medications -Take the medications that your doctor prescribes according to the proper schedule. Taking prescribed pain medication may be optional for the patient.

Before and After Photos

Every patient has different needs and slightly different aesthetic goals for their love handle liposuction surgery. At the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center, we create a customized treatment plan that’s tailored to each patient’s specific needs and desires. Our goal is to always to achieve the best results possible using the safest methods that result in the least amount of downtime.

During the initial consultation, the doctor and patient can discuss the patient’s unique situation including health history, financial considerations, and outcome expectations. Then, the doctor will develop a surgical plan to refine the patient’s appearance and create results that are tailored exactly to the patient’s needs. Before and After photos demonstrate the dramatic results that are possible using Waterlipo™ to treat the flanks/love handles.

Below are before and after photos of patients who have undergone love handle liposuction:


Flank Love Handles Lipo 33 year old patient Flank liposuction female patient (33 years) – before (left) – 6 weeks after (right)

Liposuction Cost and Financing

Not covered by Health Insurance

In most cases, liposuction of the love handles is considered to be an elective surgery by health insurance companies. As such, under most conditions, it is not eligible for reimbursement, though patients are encouraged to review their health insurance policy to find out whether Waterlipo™ would be covered. To learn more, patients can also contact their health insurance company or a member of our staff at the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center to find out whether their particular surgical situation would be covered.

The price depends on your case

Every patient is different, so the cost of every procedure varies according to different factors including:

  • The time it takes for the surgical team to complete the procedure
  • The number and type of pre-operative laboratory tests required
  • The size and number of the different areas of the body that are being targeted
  • Prescription meds needed by the patient

For price examples and a basic estimate visit our Liposuction Cost section.

The more Lipo Areas the bigger the discount

The Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center offers discounts to patients who wish to target more than one area.

By taking advantage of this offer, patients often see significant savings and require less downtime. In other words, patients who are getting love handle liposuction done may choose to also have abdominal liposuction performed at the same time to produce a more dramatic end result.

The overall cost of doing love handle liposuction and abdominal liposuction at the same time, during the same surgical procedure, would be much less than having surgery two different times, once for love handles and once for the abdominals.

By targeting multiple areas of the body, patients can take advantage of big discounts, experience less downtime, and see final results that are much more dramatic than if they only targeted one area of the body.

We offer Financing Options

We offer a variety of simple financing options to our patients. We have relationships with a number of different lending agents so that our patients have several different options to choose from. These lenders are able to set up reasonable payment plans to make our procedures affordable for just about any budget. Patients who are interested in obtaining credit for Waterlipo™ can apply online to find out if they qualify.

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Safe Liposuction

Waterlipo™ is a minimally invasive, gentle, safe procedure that can be performed using AwakeLipo, a system of anesthesia that’s much safer than using general anesthesia. Each year, thousands of patients undergo Waterlipo™ without complications, but there are still risks involved with this procedure. While the doctors and staff at the Chicago Liposuction by Lift Body Center works hard to make sure that procedures are performed safely, it’s still important for patients to understand the potential risks associated with love handle liposuction.

To learn more about Waterlipo™ safety, please visit the Liposuction Safety page for additional information.

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