Fat Transfer with Waterlipo™

Fat Transfer with Waterlipo™ – Many women struggle with extra fat in inconvenient places in the body. The traditional approach involves healthy food choices and maintaining an active lifestyle. Sometimes, however, these options don’t deliver. On other occasions, the results take too long to materialize, and it is easy to give up somewhere along the way due to the delay. Liposuction offers a way out, getting rid of stubborn fat and bringing about fantastic results instantly. Liposuction has its advantages, with one of the main ones being that there is concise recovery time, allowing you to resume regular duties.

Fat Transfer with Waterlipo™

Fat Transfer with Waterlipo™

Understanding Fat Transfer via WaterLipo™

Time and technological advancements have seen a metamorphosis of the approaches employed in surgical procedures. One major tweak in liposuction procedures is the use of WaterLipo™. The incorporation of water in surgery has had some well-documented benefits, with the first being a significant decrease in bruising and swelling. Once anesthesia wears off, the body feels the impact of the operation, and with the new approach, there is considerably less discomfort after leaving the operation room.

The idea of incorporating water in liposuction offers a less aggressive way of extracting fat from the body. This subtle approach means that the body needs a shorter time to heal as a result. A shorter downtime is a big plus. Most women have a busy schedule, and extended periods off work or daily routines may prove a turnoff. However, WaterLipoTM ensures that your body recovers faster from your surgery and are good to go in no time. A gentle approach also means that there’s significantly less scarring.

Fat Transfer with WaterLipo™

We often have extra fat in areas we want slimmer and toned and a notable lack of volume we would want to be enhanced. For women, this is particularly true in many incidences. You may have some extra padding in the abdomen or thighs and desire an additional cup size or fuller, sexier lips. Fat transfers make use of extracted fat to add mass to other areas. Donor sites undergo liposuction, with fatty tissue harvested for injection in the regions that need enhancement. For instance, you may have fat from your abdomen removed and transferred to your breasts for a perkier, youthful appearance.

The fat transfer process itself consists of three stages:

    1. The first stage of the fat transfer process involves the extraction of tissue from donor sites. The doctor identifies two or more areas in your body from which to get the fat. For patients with a slender figure or individuals who don’t have enough fat for the procedure, the physician may recommend that you gain some weight before your surgery. The doctor starts the cell harvesting process by administering local anesthesia to the area under treatment. The onset of numbness ensures that you are comfortable during the session. Tiny incisions grant micro-cannula access to the tissue beneath the surface. A concentrated jet of water gently displaces fat from surrounding tissue. This non-invasive process aids the comfortable suctioning of fat from the area under treatment.
    1. The second phase involves the treatment of extracted fat cells. Initial procedures had a notable shortcoming: the death of almost half of the transferred cells in the first six months. The idea of treating and cleansing the tissue samples before injecting them into the destination site ensured that a more significant number of cells made it past the six-month mark. A study has shown that with treatment, you get fantastic results that overcome the test of time with better cell shelf life. The extracted fat undergoes purification to remove fluids and dead or abnormal cells. Performing liposuction trims the harvest site and brings out a toned, healthy, and contoured look. The unwanted bulge gives way to a contoured, natural look.
  1. The final stage of the fat transfer process involves the injection of the treated sample to the destination site. The physician administers local anesthesia in the area before proceeding to inject the healthy fat sample. Introduction of fat in your leaner areas adds volume and shape. For breasts, in particular, there is a significant increase in size, visible right after surgery. Shaping the body through this procedure is an acquired skill, and this is where our experienced doctors excel. The results are fantastic, and you can go home after your session in the operating room.

This straightforward surgery tones one area by getting rid of the unwanted extra padding and adds volume to another through injection of treated tissue cells.

Recovery and Post-Op Phase

Patients take varying durations to heal depending on the nature or complexity of the procedure as well as the number of treated areas. You will get a compression garment that should remain on unless instructed otherwise by the doctor. For the first couple of days after your operation, get as much rest as possible. The initial phase of the recovery process is crucial. If possible, have someone around to help you with some of the daily tasks around the house. You may resume lighter duties after the body starts to heal.

For best results, avoid heavy activity for at least a couple of weeks or until the doctor gives you the go-ahead. Maintain a reasonable amount of exercise, giving your body time to heal before pushing it to the limit correctly. After two weeks, you begin to feel better, with the numbness, soreness, and swelling no longer a concern. With limited movement and the right amount of activity, there is better blood circulation, which leads to a quick recovery. The physician will instruct you on what to do at each stage.

During the recovery phase, remember to maintain a healthy diet. An intake of necessary nutrients and minerals enables your body to heal correctly, giving you the vital energy you need during this crucial phase as well. Avoid medication such as aspirin, NSAIDs, and anti-inflammatory drugs at this point. You will have to stop smoking and avoid consuming alcohol as well.

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